Who can you trust these days?

  TopCat® 17:57 28 Jun 2007

I had a phone call from Barclaycard security today asking if I'd made certain purchases online and the amounts. It seems they thankfully picked up on two purchases out of the ordinary and put a stop on them, hence the phone call.

These attempted purchases were placed with a supplier in Canada and were for some expensive female fashion items. The amounts worked out at nearly seven hundred pounds sterling and the security person couldn't give more details on the company in Canada. He just wanted to know if I had made the transactions.

Though again he wouldn't say, I'd have thought this order must have come from somewhere in the UK but I'm at a loss to know how my credit card details were compromised. Because I'm so careful with my credit card transactions, both online and on the high street, I can only assume some employee has stolen them.

I am extremely grateful to Barclaycard for their customer account vigilance and I hope they catch the culprit(s) very soon. We now await our new cards and the security questionaire form that will accompany them. TC.

  Kate B 18:00 28 Jun 2007

Glad they caught it, TC. It's a horrible feeling when someone steals your details.

  Forum Editor 18:08 28 Jun 2007

have very sophisticated software which constantly monitors your normal purchasing routines and creates a profile of you. As soon as it spots something that's out of the ordinary it's likely to trigger an alert - it sometimes happens when you're using the card yourself. I had a transaction suspended once, whilst I was paying a deposit on a car, and had to answer all kinds of questions put to me by a VISA security desk before they allowed the payment to proceed.

It's reassuring to know that the system's in place, but it's very disturbing to think that someone has used your credit identity in this way. Do you use the card in restaurants or petrol stations?

  wolfie3000 18:23 28 Jun 2007

i had something similar happen to me,

I purchased my latest rig a while back online and a few days after i had barclay card fraud protection ring me about the purchase,

I explained to them that i made the purchase and thanked them.

  Totally-braindead 18:52 28 Jun 2007

I also have had a call about a purchase, it was one I had made in this instance but I appreciated the call as it shows to me they are trying to make it more secure.

  TopCat® 21:01 28 Jun 2007

these transactions were tried fairly recently. As I say, the security chap wouldn't even tell me the dates and when I went to my account online to check I couldn't get access to it. The car fuel is paid by debit card so that's one avenue closed, thank goodness.

It beats me on how my details were stolen. I burn all redundant paperwork appertaining to my finances and shred everything else from our personal files. This still makes me think it's someone with unlawful access to secure server files, until I hear different that is. TC.

  interzone55 21:10 28 Jun 2007

I used to work in retail, and until I took over the management the file room was awash with the merchant copy of credit card receipts, the lord only knows how much fraud was perpetrated until I put it under lock & key.

Thankfully most credit card receipts, both customer & merchant copies, blank out the middle 8 digits of the card number, but your card is still vulnerable whilst it is in the hands of a shop assistant, which is why I'm reluctant to let a card out of my sight. It is painfully easy to jot the necessary details from a card, after all it's only a name, 16 digits, a couple of dates and a three digit CVS number.

Try to avoid using a card in somewhere like Blockbuster, where they have your name and address on file, as they then have all the details necessary to max your card out before anyone notices.

  Kate B 21:17 28 Jun 2007

Did you use it in a cashpoint? That's how my bank reckons my details were stolen.

  Legolas 21:17 28 Jun 2007

Similar to others I made a purchase of this laptop paid with my credit card and the next day got a call from HBOS checking it out. Very good security measures I thought, although they do have a vested interest inasmuch as if you get stung they have to pay, still it helps to put your mind at rest.

  TopCat® 22:16 28 Jun 2007

Never had cause to use a cash point, so that's another avenue closed. Thanks, Kate, for that reminder. TC.

  TopCat® 15:53 03 Jul 2007

Apart from the false transaction I mentioned above I found another one listed click here on my online statement. As this fraud apparently started early last month, see date on link, I urge you to keep checking your statements, otherwise a much larger sum could be filched from your accounts. We now have new cards issued so are safe for the time being, we hope! TC.

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