Who can make this company better?

  Cymro. 11:13 04 May 2009

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So what do you all make of this Fiat buying out Vauxhall story then?. I have in the past and still do own a Vauxhall. There is nothing particularly special about them but they are a damn site better than any Fiat.

I don`t see how Fiat can take over Vauxhall and still maintain the same Vauxhall build quality. So if Vauxhall then make their cars to the standard that Fiat make theirs they may well just go down the drain anyway.

Now if someone like V.W. Audy, B.M.W. or Mercedes were to take over Vauxhall that would really make for a car worth buying. Who do you think could take over Vauxhall and actually make it a better car maker?

  Forum Editor 11:37 04 May 2009

in picking out names of car-makers who might improve Vauxhall because there's not exactly a queue forming. What happens in the car industry is increasingly going to be governed by some pretty harsh economic realities, and decisions will be made accordingly.

Vauxhall's fortunes have risen and fallen over the years, but since the late 1990's it seems to have been getting it right - the 1999 sales figures were not far off those of Ford. In 2002 the Corsa was Britain's second biggest selling new car and the Astra was third. In both 2005 and 2006 the Astra was the country's second best selling car.

The company deserves a better future than it's likely to get as the result of a merger, but that's the way the world works sometimes.

  johndrew 11:41 04 May 2009

There are those who may well claim the opposite in terms of build quality.

But to be more positive, which is better Vauxhall going the way of Rover (to China?), disappearing completely or being taken over by another car manufacturer who can afford it?

BMW already have problems - look at the Mini plant. Whether VW or Audi could afford or want the task is probably unlikely; they have major production facilities all over Europe already whereas Fiat is more limited to Italy. And currently all manufacturers are feeling the pinch, so it will only be a manufacturer with cash who is likely to take the chance.

Perhaps there should be hope for a continuation of employment for those who work for Vauxhall (and GM Europe for that matter) rather than instant complaint as to what may happen to the quality of the product at this moment in time.

  Cymro. 11:56 04 May 2009

As you say
"The company deserves a better future than it's likely to get as the result of a merger"
yes I agree completely.

I just wonder that as merger seem inevitable at least it could be a better company than Fiat. V.W. have done wonderful thing with Skoda and Seat. They could do the some with Vauxhall.

  Cymro. 12:02 04 May 2009

You say
"There are those who may well claim the opposite in terms of build quality"
I doubt very much if anyone who knows about such things would say that Fiat have better built quality then Vauxhall, but then no doubt that someone will come up with such an idea.

I agree with you re. Vauxhall being taken over by the Chinese. Even Fiat would be better than that.

As you suggest it seems that it is only Fiat who have the money to take anybody over these days.

  Woolwell 12:07 04 May 2009

Actually the Fiat Panda has a good reputation click here
. It used to be that Fiat's had a poor reputation but then so did Vauxhall. Anyone remember the Vauxhall Victor which virtually rusted while you watched it. I had one! The VW group are not so good as they used to be.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:01 04 May 2009

It does not matter if they are taken over by BMW or The Noddy Car Company...cars are not selling. Vauxhall have made great strides in the last years and produce well made cars that look quite good.....but if sales are 50% of a year ago then changing the owners, name, style will not help at all.

Fiat are also trying to trouser some of the American side of Chrysler whose liabilities are eye-watering. This may prove to be Fiat's downfall. To survive, Chrysler has to make small cars but to flog to the home market America will need a complete attitude change and this will take years to sort out. They will have to sell small cars in gargantuan quantities and this will not happen as any car sales are floundering. Fiat does not have enough money to subsidise GM and Vauxhall and they have never been successful in The States.

Every bone in my body is screaming 'disaster'. The car sales industry has been solely based on credit..this is something that people have learnt to be wary of.


  OTT_Buzzard 13:24 04 May 2009

I'm not sure where Fiat will get the funding from to merge with both Chrysler AND GM Europe. They've had problems recently with their credit and are already over stressed (although they now only have a minimal debt). If they can get the money then fair play to them. I certainly don't agree that Fiat make poor cars - bear in mind that they also own Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati. From an engineering perspective, their cars are well designed for relatively low cost, high volume solutions.

IMO it's more likely that either the VW Audi Group will end up taking a stake in GM Europe or the money will come from China. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. There are a couple of companies in China that have the finance and the technical capability to make a good go of it.

The worst case scenario is that a private group who don't normally deal with the automotive industry take over operations.

One thing is for sure though - the western european car market is mature and usually profitable for most of the major manufacturers. All this talk of GM Europe being sold will not be dong their new vehicle sales any favours and will likely have a very long term effect on their vehicles' residual values. Not good.

  jack 15:02 04 May 2009

about who may be a likely contender for acquiring GM Europe no one mentioned Renault/Nissan
State assisted[if not owned by the french government] the partnership already share 'platforms'
The Commercial Vans are built in Dunstable under the Renault/Nissan/Vauxhall label.
Not many card are built in the UK now mostly Germany/Spain/Eastern Europe- so watch what happens.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:53 05 May 2009

Nissan Renault are pretty well bankrupt themselves.....

  Mike D 07:45 05 May 2009

I suppose there is another factor for Fiat taking over Vauxhall (or more precisely Opel) and that is that the Punto shares the same floor pan as the Corsa. If Opel goes under then Fiat could also lose out.

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