Who Banned Conkers?

  laurie53 15:28 30 Sep 2008

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) of which I was a fully paid up member for many years, is sponsoring the World Conker Championsip (without goggles).

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"According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website, it was a headteacher who came up with the idea of children wearing goggles to play conkers, and subsequently other schools banned the game on health and safety grounds.

The HSE said the safety risk from playing conkers was "incredibly low and not worth bothering about"."

As I have said many times on this, and other forums, it's not the real, professional, H&S experts who are the problem.

It's all these jumped up local authority popinjays who use safety regulations of their own invention to cover for their own inadequacies.

  BT 17:02 30 Sep 2008

Hear Hear!

  interzone55 17:09 30 Sep 2008

Now popinjay is not a word I've seen in a long while.

As for the conkers, you're quite right, H & S is used as an excuse to stop people doing stuff that may injure the company / school's insurance premium.

It's much the same as the data Protection Act, it's used as an excuse for inaction.

  version8 17:51 30 Sep 2008

Is not abusing people’s rights under the European human rights act to stop an age-old tradition of playing conkers?

  blanco 17:56 30 Sep 2008

I think you have to be lucky to be able to get conkers fit for gaming.
All the trees round here are diseased and it's now three years since there were anything but tiny fruit falling off during July.
There seems to be a serious possibility of their becoming another lost tree in the UK.

  spuds 18:06 30 Sep 2008

Isn't it correct that conkers can shatter and the fragments can inflict injury to body and soul?.

If the answer is yes, then why is it 'elf and safety' insist that working above 2 metres from ground level, requires approved 'scaffolding' procedures?.

  Quickbeam 00:21 01 Oct 2008

our local park management have taken, I'm glad to see that the kids have removed part of the temporary picket fencing, at great personal risk, to get the conkers anyway, and without wearing hard hats & goggles to boot!

  spuds 10:18 01 Oct 2008

I bet that didn't include leaving their bikes across footpaths, and throwing large pieces of wood or bricks into the trees, then running for cover. To hell with the spectators or passing crowd ;o)

Come to think of it, I suppose all my mates were just as bad. Totally irresponsible!.

  Picklefactory 10:35 01 Oct 2008

"Now popinjay is not a word I've seen in a long while."

I still prefer ronalddonald's typo inspired, invented word "didifernet" - Brilliant!!

  Chegs ®™ 11:22 01 Oct 2008

Every year for the last five,my garden has become littered with hundreds of conkers still wearing their spikey jackets.Seems the cemetery up the road contains a very prolific fruiting conker tree & the local kids delight in gathering up the fruits and hurl them over the rooftops of houses,at buses or anything that moves (including my dog/daughter/car/house)and looked totally bemused when I tried explain to these kids that you take the contents out the spikey covering,pierce with a nail and thread a string through to play a game called "conkers"Seems to be more fun trying to injure others than risk a crack over their own knuckles.

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