White vans

  bremner 11:14 16 Feb 2006

Yesterday at 4.45am I drove along the south section of the M25 onto M20 to Ashford in the most appalling weather. Heavy, driving, rain, large amounts of surface water and extremely poor visibility. I was averaging less than 50mph. I was passed by no more than 3 or 4 cars on the whole journey, none of which I would describe as reckless.

I was however passed by at least 20 white vans all doing at least 20-30 mph more than I was.

Are these vehicles fitted with the latest GPS/Radar/Proximity devices? Are they a mass of computerised electronics allowing their drivers to effective see through the haze safe in the knowledge that the road ahead is clear?

Are the vehicles fitted with advanced computer controlled anti aquaplaning regulators? Are the brakes and steering computer enhanced to prevent skidding?

Or is it cybernetics? Are the drivers cybernauts who have had computer controlled bionic implants to enhance their sight and reflexes?

Is this a government conspiracy to build superhumans driving super vehicles as a consequence of computer advances?

…………or is it that the drivers have simply had full frontal lobotomies.

We deserve to be told.

  watchful 11:25 16 Feb 2006

been suspicious of white vans ever since one was spotted in our area kidnapping pet cats :o(

  bremner 11:59 16 Feb 2006

You may be right because I could see little or no contact between their wheels and the road surface.

  spuds 12:58 16 Feb 2006

All these 'white vans' have all the latest technology, but one bit of technology that hasn't been invented is the 'non-RTA' system.

Human factor + metal usually make a very poor second in respect of wood. Tree's nearly always win.Grim fact but true.

  Forum Editor 18:31 16 Feb 2006

Leave BMW drivers out of this please - both my wife and I have them, and we're the most considerate of drivers. Lunatic drivers don't limit themselves to one particular make, type, or colour of vehicle.

  oresome 20:01 16 Feb 2006

I hate generalisations and I do drive a white van.

  bremner 20:07 16 Feb 2006

I started this as a semi humerous thread not generalising but stating facts as they were observed by me yesterday.

Perhaps the drivers of these 20ish vehicles were unique and not typical of van drivers in general or white van drivers in paricular.

We are all capable of making up our own minds.

  Forum Editor 20:12 16 Feb 2006

I wasn't offended at all, just making a little point.

No doubt we've all seen some dreadful examples of bad van driving, bad taxi driving, and bad BMW driving, but in my experience no one sector of the driving public is worse than another.

I'm off to the big Apple tomorrow morning, and as usual I'll take a cab into the city from JFK - now there's a rich source of bad-driving stories. But maybe not......

  anskyber 20:18 16 Feb 2006

Like many others I have been amazed at the capabilities of white vans, particularly those Merc ones that have a speed limiter of no less than 80mph. So one day I enquired about the insurance claims on such vans fully expecting them to be a high risk and high claim environment. Nop, it seems they are amongst the safest drivers around if insurance claims are a guide. No I do not drive one or at least only if I am moving house or helping my daughter to move! PS. Like FE I drive A BMW and they are lovely beasts but for a long time I refused to buy one because of the image I thought they had, ie. pompous people with no respect, so rather like I think FE may be I do my bit to help change that image at least.

  watchful 20:28 16 Feb 2006

ie. pompous people with no respect, so rather like I think FE may be I do my bit to help change that image at least.

Did you mean; pompous people with no respect so, rather like the FE I think, I do my bit to help change that image at least?

  anskyber 20:50 16 Feb 2006

Nice one looks like my membership here could be coming to an end!

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