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A white van has just driven into people

  Forum Editor 22:56 03 Jun 2017

on London Bridge. Eye witnesses said it was travelling at around 50mph.

Metropolitan Police have declared a major incident, and armed Police at at the scene.

  Cymro. 11:44 04 Jun 2017

Sadly I doubt if any of us are surprised by this attack. It seems to be just the sort of "lone wolf" operation that is so difficult to detect in advance. The politicians must keep their heads and not over react and so play right in to the hands of the terrorists. All we can do is to live our lives as best we can and be as vigilant as possible.

  LastChip 12:28 04 Jun 2017

Cymro, well said.

However, there is a change of tone from the Prime Minister in that she's said enough is enough.

This country has been unduly (in my opinion) tolerant of extremist activities. When I was young, my parents taught me, if you want to live in another country, you must accept their culture and their traditions. You cannot expect to create a mini country within someone else's. The politicians through the years have been obsessed with political correctness and bear the blame (Blair in particular) for the situation we now find ourselves in. A serious crack down is needed and if people from those Nations don't like it, then clear out. Enough is indeed, enough. Time to play by our rules.

For me, it was heartening to know the police killed them within 8 minutes. No more messing about. Get rid of them and don't waste money on endless enquiries and the cost of jail.

They're not martyrs, they're brainwashed idiots and cowards.

  wee eddie 14:09 04 Jun 2017

There appears to be a resurgence of IRA activity in Northern Ireland. If one adds that to ISIL here and the Police have problems.

It behoves all of us to keep an eye out and report suspicious behaviour.

Hang on, that sounds a bit like "Brave New World". I hope the Terrorists don't drive our tolerant Nation down that path

  morddwyd 16:19 04 Jun 2017

"I don't understand why ownership is so unrestricted".


The original remark was JB's but I agree with his point.

We license televisions, we used to licence radios, even dogs. It should not be too difficult to license drones. No one os allowed to drive a car unless they have proved their competence, why not drones?

Every airliner in the world emits an identification number which can be read by any air traffic control tower in the world. Every military aircraft in the world carries an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponder which can be interrogated by any other military aircraft, by any defensive surface or sub surface station, and even by some SAM missiles.

It should not be too difficult, or expensive, to introduce such devices to drones.

As any model aircraft enthusiast will tell you. it is not difficult to jam the signals to a small flying device!

  Forum Editor 19:18 04 Jun 2017


I'm aware of all that, and it's not in dispute. Licensing drones could - and lots of people say should - be done. We already have some regulation in place - you are not permitted to fly a drone for 'reward' i.e. be paid for it unless you have to show that you are 'sufficiently competent' and get a written consent from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The House of Lords has already called for compulsory registration of all drones at point of purchase.

The point I made is that all the licensing in the world (and I am in favour of it, as I said) is not gong to stop someone obtaining a drone giving false information, and immediately disarming the ident transponder - it's not a difficult thing to do. In any event, transponder squawks are of no use whatsoever if the drone is flying (illegally) fast at low level over a crowd of people. The transponders on commercial airliners are operated by cabin crew when asked to 'squawk ident' by a ground controller. There are already tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of drones in private hands. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if all of those were continually transmitting idents when airborne.

Finally, by their very nature, acts of terrorism are unpredictable and random - how is any authority even going to know when a drone is flown at a target, let alone have time to interrogate it and do something to stop it? Discovering that said drone had a false registration (or no registration, which is more likely) is not going to be of much use after the event.

  john bunyan 18:35 05 Jun 2017

It appears that one of the terrorists was born here of Pakistani asylum seekers and another was originally from Lybia or Marrocco. He seems to have lived in Eire for a while.

  bremner 21:36 05 Jun 2017

Just to be accurate it is being reported that one, Butt was born in Pakistan but moved here as a child with his parents who were seeking asylum.

The other, Redouane claimed he was a Libyan/Morrocon

  onthelimit1 10:01 08 Jun 2017

It'll all change when Labour get in (ha) as Corbyn is against shoot to kill policy.

  Govan1x 10:06 08 Jun 2017

Just watched the demise of the attackers on the news this morning.

30 seconds after arriving it was over. A fantastic Action from the Police force.

  x123 10:31 08 Jun 2017

It was a good job that the police were there to deal, quickly and dramatically, with the situation in eight minutes.

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