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A white van has just driven into people

  Forum Editor 22:56 03 Jun 2017

on London Bridge. Eye witnesses said it was travelling at around 50mph.

Metropolitan Police have declared a major incident, and armed Police at at the scene.

  Aitchbee 23:00 03 Jun 2017

Probably an Islamic connection.

  Aitchbee 23:08 03 Jun 2017

More information from BBC.

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  Quickbeam 00:01 04 Jun 2017

Just watching it on news 24. If it is a terrorist incident, it's the spontanious kind that can't be planned for.

  Quickbeam 00:06 04 Jun 2017

Three incidents are being reported now.

  LastChip 02:20 04 Jun 2017

It's been confirmed as a terrorist incident at around 00:30 am.

People are said to be dead, but no numbers yet.

COBRA are to meet early on Sunday.

  Forum Editor 08:26 04 Jun 2017

Six people are confirmed killed, with at least another forty eight injured.

My neighbour's daughter was in a restaurant a few hundred yards away when the attacks took place; when she finally got home she told her father there was absolute pandemonium, and lots of armed police and ambulances everywhere.

  morddwyd 08:56 04 Jun 2017

As Frank Gardner (BBC) has said, such individual crazed attacks are almost impossible to deal with. The best intelligence in the world will not pick them up.

The attackers were dead within eight minutes. That's pretty good by any standards.

  john bunyan 09:12 04 Jun 2017


Again I fully agree. I still worry about the use of drones by terrorists as in Mosul. Imagine a device dropped on a garden party. I don't understand why ownership is so unrestricted.

  Forum Editor 11:28 04 Jun 2017

Seven people now confirmed dead, and some of the 48 injured are 'critical'

The attackers were wearing fake bomb belts, which is initially puzzling but when you think about it, they probably wanted to draw attention to themselves and look sufficiently dangerous for armed police to shoot them dead. It's as if being killed themselves was part of the plan.

  Forum Editor 11:33 04 Jun 2017


"I don't understand why ownership is so unrestricted".

I can see what you mean, but think about how would you possibly restrict ownership - what criteria would you use? Drones aren't weapons; if you impose restrictions on owning anything that might be used to kill or maim, you would be controlling society to an unacceptable level.

I'm all for some form of registration scheme for drones, but that would be so easy to fake it would be meaningless.

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