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White poppy would you/do you were one?

  Cymro. 13:51 25 Oct 2018

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I have never actually seen a white poppy but if someone wants to wear one then I have no objection. Perhaps those who are trying to organise a "white poppy day" should get some more publicity as I sugested you don't see many of threm about.

  john bunyan 14:07 25 Oct 2018

As long as the white poppy folk don’t hi jack the “proper “ poppy appeal and day. No sensible person wants wars but those who are sent to fight , and die, for our country deserve to be remembered with gratitude and respect , and views about the rights and wrongs of conflicts we have been involved in should be a separate matter.

  wee eddie 14:08 25 Oct 2018

I agree that war should not be glamorised but, those that sport a white poppy should realise that sometimes, there is little alternative, if another country/power decides to invade (take over) yours or that of a friendly neighbour.

  Forum Editor 15:41 25 Oct 2018

"...views about the rights and wrongs of conflicts we have been involved in should be a separate matter".

I strongly agree. wearing a red poppy in remembrance is a contextual thing - we are remembering people who died whilst fighting for their country. At the time, the vast majority of them almost certainly believed their cause was a just one.

They didn't have the luxury of discussing the pros and cons of it at a later time, and we wear red poppies because we understand that - or at least I hope we do. If some want to wear a white poppy for reasons of their own that's fine; they are free to do so - it is the kind of freedom of choice that their forefathers and mothers sacrificed their lives for.

  Quickbeam 17:07 25 Oct 2018

What's the point? They both symbolise the futility of war.

  Aitchbee 19:56 25 Oct 2018

What's the point? They both symbolise the futility of war.

Well said, QB.

  john bunyan 20:18 25 Oct 2018

Not all wars are futile. WW2 was an example of how inaction would have meant Hitler taking over and behaving as he did elsewhere. Of course wars are regrettable and if folk could settle differences amicably that would be great, but those who, through no fault of their own, are killed for their country deserve our gratitude and “We will remember them”.

  Quickbeam 20:49 25 Oct 2018

Both world wars were futile exercises for Germany in that on both occasions Germany was on the verge of European economic domination. They didn't need to go to war to be in the dominant global position that they are in now...

  Forum Editor 22:50 25 Oct 2018

"I was wearing 2 ww1 medals , they belonged to my aunts father and his brother , I had a ww2 medal of my uncles and a ww2 medal of my dads , so I was wearing 4 , if I had wanted to show off I could have worn 22."

The protocol says that you can only wear medals awarded to members of your immediate family and only if you are legally next of kin.

  canarieslover 16:15 31 Oct 2018

I noted that at PMQ today Jeremy Corbyn had managed to find the most miniscule poppy that I have ever seen. This was in direct contrast with every else who seemed proud enough to flout a decent sized poppy in honour of our dead.

  Quickbeam 18:28 31 Oct 2018

And the PM wore a gaudy bejewelled bauble of a poppy! Does that mean her empathy is very much greater...?

I just wear the standard red paper one. They're low key, but sufficient to acknowledge past sacrifices.

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