Whistle bye bye to £770 million

  pabby 20:04 14 May 2013

"David Cameron's attempts to rein in EU spending suffered a major defeat after Europe's finance ministers outnumbered Britain to impose an extra £770 million in "unjustified" contributions the Treasury must pay to Brussels this year.

The raid to pay unpaid bills and to meet a budget shortfall will take Britain's contributions to £14.7 billion this year, meaning that the cost to average British household of belonging to the EU will be £581."


Is this justified?

  fourm member 20:43 14 May 2013

Depends who you read and what you want to read.

According to the BBC

'An extra 7.3bn euros (£6.2bn; $9.5bn) is due to be added to the EU's budget for 2013 under a compromise reached between member states in Brussels.

'The European Council agreed the figure after the UK objected to the European Commission's original request for 11.2bn euros to settle unpaid bills.'

So, Cameron has done a truly great job. (I'm just putting the reverse position in the sort of language the Telegraph would use.)

True the BBC report goes on;

'Britain and several others still reject the extra funding, an EU source told the BBC.'

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Cameron wanted to renegotiate the terms of our membership.

  Aitchbee 20:59 14 May 2013

" ... £581 per household per year shouldn't be 'sniffed at' ... seems like a bargain [to me].

  woody 23:05 14 May 2013

"£581 per household per year " Plus the red tape cost to business and the cost of keeping the undesirables and the fact we are no longer in control of our own destiny . They have not even had their accounts signed for many years - try that with your own accounts .

  woody 23:09 14 May 2013

"original request for 11.2bn euros" An old trick - tell people a really horrendous fig and then when they see a lower fig they are grateful - at least those with an IQ smaller than their shoe size do .

  fourm member 07:42 15 May 2013


'"£581 per household per year "'

Who says that is the net cost?

'the cost of keeping the undesirables'

Who are the 'undesirables'?

  woody 23:50 15 May 2013

"Who are the 'undesirables'?" Anyone the GOV of the day do not like.

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