While we're discussing horsemeat in frozen foods

  Forum Editor 00:42 13 Feb 2013

others are getting on with the job of destabilising the world.

It's a demonstration of what can happen when a deluded, all-powerful youngster at the helm of a totalitarian state starts messing with stuff he doesn't understand.

  LastChip 01:49 13 Feb 2013

Quite right. It's a very disturbing development.

  fourm member 08:46 13 Feb 2013

The one piece of good news is that China seems to be waking up to the potential for trouble in having a neighbour with nuclear weapons.

It is only China that can do anything worthwhile.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:58 13 Feb 2013

all-powerful youngster or just a figurehead?

Agree Nuclear weapons in the hands of regimes like North Korea or Iran prompt for worrying times.

North Korea seems to have overcome its technical difficulties rather suddenly ---

--- wonder if they are getting help from somewhere :0(

  Quickbeam 10:45 13 Feb 2013

And in the meantime we could solve our national financial worries at a stroke by dumping our independent nuclear deterrent. Since the end of the cold war, do we really expect to go nuking troublesome tinpot states.

  Forum Editor 11:38 13 Feb 2013

fourm member

"It is only China that can do anything worthwhile."

Exactly, but China needs to be nudged into doing it. That nudge can be, and is being applied by America. Obama, regardless of what he or his Secretary of State might say, will not take any direct military action unless North Korea reaches the stage where it starts to test fire missiles with nuclear warheads. If that was to happen the missiles would be destroyed in flight by US forces, in which case it would be crucial to have China on side.

South Korea is understandably very twitchy about the situation in the North, and behind the scenes America will be reassuring the South Koreans about American military support if things get nasty.

Potentially there could be very serious consequences to any escalation of the North Korean nuclear weapons programme, and everyone - including China - will be hoping that the megalomaniac involved is brought under control by his military commanders and advisers.

China is now a world superpower in military terms (it's defence budget is second only to America's) and it's time that the Chinese government starting acting tough with North Korea.

  fourm member 12:17 13 Feb 2013

Yung Phat Jim, or whatever his name is, needs to show how tough he is to secure his position. He could be threatened by the military if he doesn't stand firm.

The worry is what is worse. An inexperienced leader who may not be able to control what happens or a military regime that knows exactly what it wants to achieve.

  Flak999 12:50 13 Feb 2013

If China is to take it's place as a world superpower, it needs to show the lead on this situation. The North Korean regime is being propped up by the Chinese, without their support we could probably see the end of this anachronistic regime in a very short time.

The question is why do the Chinese tolerate this dangerous regime on their borders? If China were to vote against North Korea in the UN and apply the same sanctions that the rest of the world are imposing, then the Norths hand would be forced. The generals in the North must know that the old lie to the people that the country is still at war and that they need to remain impoverished to maintain the bloated military, will fall apart if Chinas support is withdrawn.

It cannot be in Chinas interest to have an unstable nuclear armed neighbour on it's border, as any war that ensues will be bound to affect them in a major way.

They must act to put an end to this dangerous destabilising situation.

  fourm member 14:55 13 Feb 2013


'They must act to put an end to this dangerous destabilising situation.'

Must they?

N. Korea has been very useful to China enabling it to probe the USA's resolve without having to be directly involved. That's what the superpowers do all the time.

China will want to be sure it is still in control of N. Korea and that may be becoming difficult but it is not going to sweep the regime aside and suggest the north and south combine.

  Armchair 15:36 13 Feb 2013

Probably just another'storm in a teacup'.

  woodchip 16:20 13 Feb 2013

Your Kia Seven year warranty will not be much good if they start poping these of at the south

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