While the cats away. so what would you do then?

  Cymro. 15:14 13 Nov 2009

The wife has gone away for a whole week and I have the house to myself. I have no problem with fending for myself as I have been a sort of househusband for years. I will give the place a quick once over before she arrives home (hide any evidence) and all should be well.

I am lucky in that I am one of those people who rather enjoy my own company so being in an empty house is no problem. Unfortunately I am in no position for any wild all night parties but I must say it is rather nice to eat what I want when I want, watch what I want on the telly or probably switch the damn thing off, go to bed and get up at my own pleasure. In fact do all the things I have not done in over thirty years of marriage, well almost all the things that is.

So how would you old married men manage then? Would you be tempted to go over the top and have a party in the house, invite all the most disreputable people you can find, lead the life of a batchelor once again even if only for a short time.

Be honest now. I bet most of you would like me just be glad of a bit of piece and quiet and really be a king in your own little castle once again.

  babybell 15:22 13 Nov 2009

Love being on my own in the house, I'd be straight down the Chinese, grab myself a 4 pack of lager as well and dive into the sports channels for anything interesting, and thats breakfast sorted!

  Chris the Ancient 15:49 13 Nov 2009

Since my separation and divorce, just a (very) few years ago, I am lord and master of my rented flat.

* Eat what I want and when I want (still healthily)
* Watch what _I_ want on television
* Not getting nagged when I have a second glass of plonk
* Keeping the household in the clean and tidy state I like

* Nobody to give me a cuddle
* Nobody I really like to go out with
* Solitude with nobody to have chats with
* The empty bed

On balance, I'm not sure whether I'm happier or sadder.


  Cymro. 16:05 13 Nov 2009

They do say that most people who divorce regret it eventually especially men. But that is one that I will leave for another thread some time. Still glad that you find something positive about being "home alone".

  Chris the Ancient 16:15 13 Nov 2009

Pointless being too negative about it. Any time I feel I'm missing that life too much, I just think of the bad times! That soon sorts it.

  Graham. 16:51 13 Nov 2009

I, too, am happy with my own company. The cat is not away, he's asleep on the desk beside me, though I have to lift him up when he asks these days.

  Graham. 16:57 13 Nov 2009
  morddwyd 20:26 13 Nov 2009

Thank you for that Graham. Now what was that joke about the mouse going missing?

My wife is still at home, but we had to get the cat re-homed and we still miss her.

  Cymro. 12:08 14 Nov 2009

No wild parties, spending every hour down at the pub, everyone behaving themselves then?.

  tammer 12:13 14 Nov 2009

Buy a Playstation 3 and Uncharted 2.

  raziel08 13:18 14 Nov 2009

Cymro -not me i have a fair few house parties when my dad is away. Some lasting a couple of days and at the end of it there are a few headaches (and probably some very annoyed neighbors).

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