Which is your favourite

  carolineann 22:01 17 Sep 2004


i started with 3.1 then upgraded to windows 95 then 98.Then bought a new machine with XP installed.

I like XP but do find it a bit boring sometimes as nothing seems to go wrong with mine.

Still have some of my friends on 98, so I do get the chance to fiddle if they have a problem.

I wonder if anybody has upgraded then wished that they had'nt .

Are you happy with your operating system?

  Exco 19:49 18 Sep 2004

I've used them all and XP leaves all the others standing.

Solid as a rock.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:08 18 Sep 2004

Like the FE says, it is the best yet.

  Eamonncw 20:02 19 Sep 2004

Since I came screaming into this electronic world of instant messaging (last Sept) I`ve used 95 for a week, 98SE for 2 months then XP Pro. I`ve even loaded SP2 seamlessly. Best decision I ever made was XP2, and I`m now wondering about Longhorn.

  carolineann 20:07 19 Sep 2004

You dont hang about then.

  Simon_P 20:56 19 Sep 2004

I think you may have to wait a while for Longhorn!

  It's Me 21:35 19 Sep 2004

I did use Me for quite a while and had it tamed by means of keeping it isolated on its own partition and systematically rebooting every 2/3 hours. I found it a massive improvement over 98.

Thought I wouldn't like XP, but it was on my new PC and I find it wonderfull, only 2 crashes in 3 months, both caused by IE when I was forced to switch to it by some site that couldn't work with Opera.

Definitely XP.

  paddyjack 21:56 19 Sep 2004

Ok so Xp is so great (not), just been using it for a few weeks first major problem will no longer load video drivers, no problems with 98.

Will up date when I have got it sorted.

  dave.engsurv 14:54 20 Sep 2004

The only problem I see here is that if you have a computer with an OEM operating system then upgrade from say W98SE to W.XP, then some application will need upto date drivers. A friend of mine bought a new computer with W.XP only to find that he could not get new W.XP compatable drivers for both is old printer and scanner, so had to buy new printer and scanner.

  plsndrs3 15:35 20 Sep 2004

Used 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP [home & Pro]

Was a die hard 95-er, just liked the look of it. What an incredible step-up from 3.1! Then upgraded to 98 for the stability and stayed there for a long while - although I used 2000 at work. Then a friend lent me her PC, which had XP on it. At first I absolutely hated it - far too childish with its garish colours, too many programs reliant on each other to the extent that you cannot remove some and pop-up balloons. Anyhow, needed to do a little work on her PC & picked up a PCA special on customising XP. I quickly realised that I could do more with XP than 98 to make it look and work as I want it to - and it is an awful lot more stable. I have NEVER had a BSOD and have almost forgotten that sinking feeling as 3 hours of work go up in smoke [what's auto-backup then? :o)]

Unless Longhorn is a MAJOR step forward and includes things I want to see/must have, will probably stay with XP [although I do occassionally long for 98 and it's less system/processor hungry attitude to life!]



  Starfox 20:24 20 Sep 2004

I started with Windows 95 then ME and now XP.Never had a problem with XP so it has to be good,but then again I never had any trouble with ME which I liked very much as it was a great advance from 95.Just installed SP2 from the mag and after a small initial problem (it set internet to "Never Dial A Connection")all seems fine now so it has to be XP with SP2 for best O/S.

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