Which is your favourite

  carolineann 22:01 17 Sep 2004


i started with 3.1 then upgraded to windows 95 then 98.Then bought a new machine with XP installed.

I like XP but do find it a bit boring sometimes as nothing seems to go wrong with mine.

Still have some of my friends on 98, so I do get the chance to fiddle if they have a problem.

I wonder if anybody has upgraded then wished that they had'nt .

Are you happy with your operating system?

  VoG II 22:06 17 Sep 2004

XP for me.

I have used 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME (Yuk!), and XP.

XP is the best (most stable and usable).

  Valvegrid 22:21 17 Sep 2004

Xandros Linux. Very happy with it.

  end 22:50 17 Sep 2004

win 98 se;
tried win 2000 prof here for a very short time then chucked it
; we use win 2000 prof at work..

  paddyjack 23:05 17 Sep 2004

Dos 3.xx, 4Dos, PC Dos, Gem, 3.1x, 95,98, 2000,XP.
I reckon I might go back to 98. I can tell it what I want to do my way, not the Gates way!!

  carolineann 23:13 17 Sep 2004

Know exactly what you mean.

  CurlyWhirly 23:23 17 Sep 2004

I agree with VoG™ as when I first had a PC 2 and a half years ago I used Windows ME and I hated it as I kept having the operating system 'freeze' and so I had to press the reset button and then I had to wait for the Diskcheck utility to complete on the reboot.
XP is the most stable operating system that Microsoft have yet produced IMHO.

  LastChip 01:40 18 Sep 2004

If I have to use Windows, it's normally ME (used to be 98se) or W2K Pro. I detest XP.

Right now, I'm investigating building a stand alone Linux firewall/router (just for the fun of it!).

  Forum Editor 08:14 18 Sep 2004

is undoubtedly the most stable - and the best - operating system that anyone has produced, by far.

Comments from dedicated Win 98 fans notwihtstanding I can't think of a single good reason not to upgrade, apart from the 'thrill' of feeling that you have somehow got one over on Bill Gates. Why anyone should find that a thrill is beyond me, especially when it means denying themselves the use of a far better, more secure operating environment, but we're all entitled to freedom of choice in such things.

I remember, back in the dark ages when Windows98 was first launched hearing people say that they they would upgrade "over my dead body - I detest Windows 98" or words to that effect. There are people saying much the same thing now about WinXP, but what goes around comes around, and in the end they'll move on - they'll have to if they want to use software that's now in development, because in a few years time new releases won't run in Win98 at all.

  Danoh 09:34 18 Sep 2004

Sorry to pure PC platform guys, but its no contest with regards to O/S-es, still.

Hope to hear from others on this (hope there are still some around!!).

  Sapins 10:10 18 Sep 2004

Definitely XP, I bought my system to use not to be re-installing/formatting all the time, and I do not miss the BSOD:-)

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