Which product launches are you most excited about seeing at next week's IFA 2014?

  PC Advisor 14:24 26 Aug 2014

IFA 2014 kicks off next week, and we're expecting to see loads of new phones, tablets, smartwatches and more. But which products most take your fancy? Read more about what to expect from IFA 2014, then place your vote in our poll. (Choose as many as you like.)

  Aitchbee 20:47 28 Aug 2014

I am lookin' forward to seeing the latest crop of BLUETOOTH gadgets [ having just purchased a nifty pair of bluetooth headphones today at my local BIGname store.]

Specifically, a pair of universal, matching, [cut-to-size] bluetooth metal-detecting, [hands-free] boot-insole-devices [L 'n' R] ... to connect to my bluetooth headphones which can 'communicate with 2 bluetooth devices simultaneously' - would certainly get me excited - just a little bit!

  Quickbeam 12:50 29 Aug 2014

My left and right feet communicate quite well via my internal hard wired circuitry;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 29 Aug 2014

Doesn't look like anyone on the forum is excited at all :0)

The poll seems in favour of another phone (yawn)

We want something New and Different not more of the same phones, smart watches that aren't that smart (where's my video phone watch that works properly?).

I need something to suppliment my failing memory

How about a discrete camera that sees what I see, connects to the mobile in my pocket, to web and back then offers me information via my hearing aid.

could be used to tell me about the building / painting / view I'm looking at, the traffic jam I'm approaching etc.

or more importantly the name of the person I'm talking to :o)

  Quickbeam 15:26 29 Aug 2014

"Doesn't look like anyone on the forum is excited at all :0)"

Technology has become taken for granted, it's no longer exciting.

  Forum Editor 17:15 29 Aug 2014

It's beginning to feel as if someone should invent some kind of technology that keeps ordinary people abreast of developments in technology.

Come to think of it, someone has - it's what we're here for.

  Quickbeam 18:07 29 Aug 2014

The piece of technology that interests me most right now isn't IT related, so it's unlikely that you'll be covering it!

What is it?

  Quickbeam 18:15 29 Aug 2014

Another interesting technology that I want to get into...

  Devil Fish 23:48 29 Aug 2014

i don't get excited about shows any more i wait untill products in the hands of the consumer to gammer real life experience of product rather than the sales pitch

dam must be getting old

  cream. 07:53 30 Aug 2014

Some of the technical inovations I wish to see in the future.

helpful tools

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