Which newspaper do you read and why

  bumpkin 21:18 08 Jan 2013

I would like to know which newspapers other members read. I buy the Daily Mail but it is all doom and gloom. Aside from that it seems to be getting more like the Sun if you consider that to be a newspaper.

  Phil Ocifer 12:55 10 Jan 2013

ha ha - it's the troof, guv :)

  john bunyan 15:06 10 Jan 2013

alan 1

I will come clean. My wife likes the Mail. I take out the middle puzzle section and skim through the paper. I do not believe all in there but IMHO their political /theatre critic, regardless of his obvious bias (Quinten Letts) is a very amusing and clever writer. All papers are biased, as is the Guardian. Good luck if you like it. I would probably read the Times but there you go.

Thanks. I always independently check the medical articles; at least they have them , which others do not.

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