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Which newspaper do you read and why

  bumpkin 21:18 08 Jan 2013

I would like to know which newspapers other members read. I buy the Daily Mail but it is all doom and gloom. Aside from that it seems to be getting more like the Sun if you consider that to be a newspaper.

  recap 09:23 09 Jan 2013

I don't read any newspapers, I was put off them when Princess Di had her fatal accident.

I do on occassion look online, but always watch the 6 O'clock news when not at work. A bit of a Crocodile Dundee these days.

  morddwyd 09:46 09 Jan 2013

I read the local morning daily, the Dundee Courier.

I like a local slant like hatches, matches and despatches, and such news as, just a couple of weeks ago, that the inshore lifeboat had been launched because the town Christmas tree had blown into the harbour!

I had to give it up for a few years because of my eyesight, but they've just started a digital edition so I have renewed my acquaintance.

It's nice to be able to read about the benefit cuts on one page, and the local Sea Queen on the next.

  spuds 11:22 09 Jan 2013

I read various daily newspapers, depending on which neighbour purchases what?.

The Daily Mail and Sunday Times plus Observer were my newspaper doses, but normally now the Sun, due to it being advertised as the UK's best selling newspaper?.

  TonyV 11:29 09 Jan 2013

I buy the Times and Sunday Times as a yearly subscription because it is a goodly bit cheaper and gives me a lot of extras on their web pages etc. Also they are a good read and have very good opinions. I also buy the Daily Express Mon to Fri, because I think it is better than the Daily Mail which I only buy on a Saturday mainly for the TV/Radio Guide for the ensuing week.


  Phil Ocifer 12:12 09 Jan 2013

When I can be bothered buying one, it's the "i" @ 20p a bargain.

Also got it on the Nexus, albeit the Independent by name - fire it up first thing in the morning and it's loaded and ready for the rest of the day - no internet connection needed again after it's loaded once.

  Quickbeam 12:17 09 Jan 2013

Clearly the papers should be worried about their longterm future if no one here is reading them...

  bumpkin 12:30 09 Jan 2013

From your comments it would seem that many of us prefer other media.

  bremner 17:28 09 Jan 2013

If the drop between 2011-2012 in these stats Guardian continues then the future looks bleak for some papers.

  bumpkin 18:02 09 Jan 2013

Never heard of "i" can someone enlighten me please. Is this something new.

  bumpkin 18:05 09 Jan 2013

Is this the Independent renamed?

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