Which mobile phone OS do you use?

  PC Advisor 09:07 11 May 2010

Google Android’s mobile phone market share has surpassed the iPhone’s in the US. Which operating system does your handset run?

Answer the poll in the left-hand navigation bar, and discuss the results here

  ronalddonald 09:23 11 May 2010


  bremner 09:36 11 May 2010

I fail to see the significance of this.

How many phones use the Apple software?

How many use Android?

  Þ² 09:51 11 May 2010

Symbian, I would never use a proprietary OS, it's my phone... I'll do what I want.

May switch to a Linux based one next time round.

  Quickbeam 10:03 11 May 2010


  Toneman 11:08 11 May 2010

How do we tell what OS our phone uses?

  Þ² 11:27 11 May 2010

What make/model phone do you have?

  ella33 13:39 11 May 2010

Make, samsung, service provider o2. Would love to update out of gadget interest but what I have is sufficient

  ella33 13:40 11 May 2010

oh didn't see poll, sorry, it is probably irrelevant as I don't use anything like that

  Toneman 19:02 11 May 2010

Sorry, just caught up. If you're asking me it's a Nokia, I think 6288. Do occasionally use it for Internet, mostly camera and MP3 player..

  morddwyd 19:39 11 May 2010

I'd heard of Symbian, didn't know it was an o/s though.

Didn't even know that phones have their own o/s!

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