Which of the following devices will you use to watch the Olympics?

  PC Advisor 11:38 24 Jul 2012

Never before has there been so many different ways to watch the Olympic Games. We want to know how many different ways you plan on watching your favourite London 2012 events.

Let us know. Poll: Which of the following devices will you use to watch the Olympics? (Select more than one option if applicable)

  Bing.alau 11:56 24 Jul 2012

When I watch anything such as the Olympics, I want to be comfy. So it's in front of a TV in my easy chair. Nursing either a coffee or a "Dark and Stormy".

  wiz-king 12:21 24 Jul 2012

The little I will be watching will be on PC as I am working during the day when the events are on.

  Quickbeam 12:29 24 Jul 2012

I'm with Bing.alau's (when did the full stop appear in that name?) TV & comfy chair option.

But isn't this poll wasted? According to recent moaners, only half a dozen of us will be watching at all!

  Strawballs 14:00 24 Jul 2012

TV and laptop

  Joseph Kerr 14:02 24 Jul 2012

A TV, because I'm just so kerrazy!

  Bing.alau 14:09 24 Jul 2012

quickbeam. That's it then, we are the half dozen.

The full stop? Happened when I couldn't get on the forum site a week or so ago, during the troubles. I think I re-registered and it asked for a different name. Something like that.

  Macscouse 14:44 24 Jul 2012

Whichever the Long Haired One designates.

  interzone55 14:53 24 Jul 2012

It'll be TV. streaming video is blocked on our network, so I won't be watching anything on my PC at work.

  mole1944 15:06 24 Jul 2012

Nothing i am looking forward to the closing ceremony,and get this expensive fiasco over with,sorry to be a damp rag but it's over hyped to the point of insanity.

  woody 16:32 24 Jul 2012

Mole - I agree - How can anyone justify a games which has some of the sports illegal in the host country!! We allow foreigners (wait for the bigot/race comments) to use their guns/firearms when often we are not able to check properly who they are !

With ref the survey - I would enter but there is no space for - will not watch it. Out of interest me and the other half - asked each other - if we were offered a lift to/from the games in a limo - 90 mins at the games - how much would we have to be paid to go?I THINK I would possibly go for £10K ,certainly not for less - other half would not go for £20K.

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