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  interzone55 09:07 30 Sep 2008

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Manchester University has decided that Ladies and Gents toilets are too "gender specific", so from now on the Ladies will be called "Toilets" and Gents will be called "Toilets With Urinals".

The university has refused to say how many people have complained about the the concept of Ladies & Gents toilets, but a lady with green hair stated that anyone in the process of gender re-alignment may be unsure of which toilet to use.

The university also refused to state how many students were in the process of gender re-alignment.

I thought the funniest comment was when the journalist asked if this wasn't political correctness gone mad, so the green haired lady said that using the word mad in a derogatory manner wasn't very politically correct.

Things like this make me feel ashamed to be Mancunian...

  DANZIG 09:11 30 Sep 2008

The world has truly gone mad.

  Brumas 09:12 30 Sep 2008

Is this the beginning of the 'trans-form-nation' I ask myself?

  GRIDD 09:16 30 Sep 2008

This whole thing has made me laugh.

I might try the ladies changing rooms at work saying that I don't feel very man-ly today.

  Seth Haniel 09:26 30 Sep 2008

the increase of complaints as visitors 'not in the know' visit the wrong one -

PC gone Mad

  Weskit 09:59 30 Sep 2008

You don't have to be "in the know" to go into the wrong one,... I've done it more than once, unintentionally, of course...

  Quickbeam 10:45 30 Sep 2008

They'll get a lot more complaints now that a man or woman can use either... That's how I interpret it anyway.

  Charence 10:55 30 Sep 2008

so this means if you don't intend to use the urinal you can enter either toilet?!!

if you're not sure gender you are... there's always the neutral disabled one... right?!

*of course I don't mean they are disabled.. before anyone decides to flame me...

  Quickbeam 11:06 30 Sep 2008

Then are you saying the disabled are asexual...?

  Charence 11:22 30 Sep 2008


I'm just saying the disabled toilets can be used by both males and females..

  robgf 11:26 30 Sep 2008

I cant see why the signs were changed, when the terms toilet and toilet with urinals, mean exactly the same as the woman and man symbols.

It can only lead to confusion, because if you are a new visitor and only spot the toilet sign, you will assume it means toilets and enter looking for the ladies, or gents.

What they should have done, was built another separate toilet and had ladies, gents and other.

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