Which BroadBand should i get.?

  Uboat 15:18 27 Dec 2010

Hi guys just a realy quick post, i am moving to Grantham (Lincoln) in a few days & ive been living in Hull where we can ONLY use Karoo as a ISP, the package i was on in Hull was £30 pm for 11 Meg with 100 Gig d/load space (Thats BB ONLY) & £25 pm for the phone...

Can anyone of you please advice me which company offer the best BB + landline package for around £30-£40 please cause i have no idea what so ever ive seen this site and wasnt sure which one to order?

Thanks for your time..


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  ella33 15:41 27 Dec 2010

U boat, I don't understand all the details of your question but a friend has now gone to talk talk as there is loads more GB for the month but I am not sure if that means you have to be with BT. Is that any help? probably not!

  [email protected] 15:45 27 Dec 2010

If Virgin Media is available, I would certainly recommend that. Cable broadband is far superior to ADSL (also check to see whether BT's infinity broadband has been installed in yout area - that uses fibre optic too).

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  Uboat 15:48 27 Dec 2010

ella33 hi

We are moving from Hull to Grantham & in hull we can only use their dedicated ISP we cannot use Virgin/BT/Talk Talk or any other company! Just Karoo wich is dedicated to the people of Hull..

Due to never using another company i wanted to know what members views was on there ISP's & packages & if theycan suggest a package that would suit us, Ive got my eye on Virgin's XXL 50 Meg deal but i wanted to know what the members thought of Virgin & also what the price of it was cause on Virgin's website it says £12 for six months then i couldnt find what the full price of it is.? Lastly is there 50 meg available in Grantham.?

We can afford between £30-£40 pm for landline & BB & at a push a little more, i want at least a 70 gig a month download space & anythin above 10 meg a second is great!

As regards to landline we are not bothered tbh if its got free mobile calls or not we both have contracted mobiles so thats not a priority..so to speak..

  Uboat 15:50 27 Dec 2010

[email protected] Thanks thats a great link i'l look into this! cheers


  peter99co 15:50 27 Dec 2010

Virgin Cable has to be best if they have cabled your area. I get TV,Phone and BB for £35 Can be more or less. Depends on the package you choose.

  [email protected] 15:55 27 Dec 2010

We get just the XL broadband package (20Mbps) for £20/month, and the basic phone line package with the line rental charged at £12.54, costing us £32.54 / month in total.

There are other phone packages available that give you free calls for a set monthly fee, and TV packages available too should you want one of them. On the link I posted it will let you play around and create your own bundle suited to your needs.

  [email protected] 15:58 27 Dec 2010

The normal cost of the 50Mbps broadband is £25/month (provided you have a Virgin phone line). This has just made me consider is it worth me upgrading mine to 50mbps for the sake of only £5/month more!

  lotvic 16:15 27 Dec 2010

Have you checked what telephone provider is being used at the moment in your new place in Grantham?
If it is not BT then that may have a bearing on your choices. (i.e. some providers require you to have a BT line prior to moving to them)

You also need to check the Grantham postcode for the telephone exchange you will be using and see which providers are available. LLU (unbundled) etc.

  lotvic 16:20 27 Dec 2010

here's the link to 'samknows' click here

  Uboat 16:24 27 Dec 2010

lotvic hi thankx

Ther person that has just moved out of the house we are about to move into i belive had a BT line, until we know which company does the best deal we cant decide tbh..

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