Which books influenced you?

  Noels 17:21 21 Sep 2008

Last night I watched "Merlin" which I think was based on the novel by T H White, "The Once and Future King" It was a novel I very much enjoyed for all sorts of reasons. When I was a lad 65 yrs ago I read "Beltain the Smith" by Jeffery Farnol, "Ivanhoe" "Masterman Ready" "Coral Island" and many more lads adventure stories.More recently 30-40 yrs ago "Jonathon Livingston Seagull"plus many many more.
What books have influenced you??

  Noels 17:25 21 Sep 2008

I think it should be which books.

  pj123 17:33 21 Sep 2008

Influenced me for what?

I can't think of any book (fact or fiction) that has had any influence on me.

  Noels 17:37 21 Sep 2008

No comment!

  Diemmess 17:52 21 Sep 2008

I had a mother who had been a teacher and loved the literature of our land.
Alas for shame, I failed School Cert. Eng. Lit.

I lapped up most of the Biggles novels before 1940 and pestered for Christmas/birthday presents the "Aircraft of the fighting powers" series, because I could copy from the 1/72nd scale plans and make solid models of all the aircraft seen around the midlands in the early part of the war.

The English master was a has-been of the "Open your books" variety, dragged back into teaching under wartime necessity.
The set books for the School Cert exam were Memoirs of a fox hunting man by Sigfried Sassoon and Palgrave's Golden Treasury. Macbeth was also there and I found it much easier to cope with that. (Real drama.)

Only years later did I begin to appreciate all sorts of poetry and Shakespeare.
Writers like Dickens in particular are icons from the past, and really should not have been forced on children as though they were the be-all and end-all.
Ultimately the enjoyment and success of the pupil depends on the quality of the teacher who has a heavy responsibility to fire up the pupil's interest and show the treasures to be discovered for themselves.

  Noels 18:07 21 Sep 2008

"Memoirs of a Foxhunting Man"
Lead me to the first world war poets including Wilfred Owen from Shropshire which is where I live.

  laurie53 18:19 21 Sep 2008

Like Noels, "Masterman Ready" and "Coral Island". Also "Young Fur Traders". "Treasure Island" "Westward Ho!"

A lot of Rider Haggard and Kipling, not much Dickens or Shakespeare.

  Noels 18:21 21 Sep 2008

Have just read your last post.
I failed my English language but passed my English Lit. This was 1959. All down to an inspirational teacher.

  shellship 18:21 21 Sep 2008

Rider Haggard, particularly Allan Quatermain, P C Wren, Biggles and, much, much later, Isaac Asimov and Ann McCaffery

  Noels 18:28 21 Sep 2008

Jack London.
"Beyond the Abyss" and "Wild Lone"

What is Magic?

When the characters in the story become real.
Thats magic


  Noels 18:43 21 Sep 2008

As a city boy I was given Arthue Ransomes books. They set me free and later in life when I had a family I built my own "Mirror Dinghy" and sailed it all over the place. To this day my chilren now 45+yr olds with their own children regard this as a inspirational part of their lives. All down to Arthur Ransome.

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