Where's Britain? Kids Can't Read Maps!

  def90csw 17:20 23 Oct 2006
  sean-278262 17:27 23 Oct 2006

Ahh come off it. Scottish kids are 1% better able to find places. Bah. What drivel. 1000 kids is not exactly representative is it now? No mention of margin of error and confidance levels.

What next? Questioning adults about how much they know about the latest price cuts as tesco? These people need to get a life.

I have great skills at map reading. But throw me at a language and Im rubbish. Some kids are better at x subject, others are better at y. I loved history at school. My sister hated it. But then again I hated French and she loved it. All it shows is that people have ballanced taste in certain areas of interest.

  Cymro. 18:58 23 Oct 2006

The way modern technology is developing in future no one will be able to read maps anyway as there will be no need to be able to do so with even more sophisticated sat.nav. and so on and as Creature of the night says a survey of only 1,000 proves very little.

  lisa02 19:39 23 Oct 2006


(waste of time)

  sean-278262 19:49 23 Oct 2006

Actually just rereading that article it is 6 - 14. No account was made for the fact that maybe there were more older children in Scotland taking this test. This survey is really useless. Full of holes. None of the conclusions say anything. How many kids do you know that are 6 and can point things out on a map? In fact how many do you know that could even manage to spell some of the countries? Working with statistics every day at the moment and these ones mean nothing as there is no actual decent comparison.

It is like saying a kid of 14 from scotland took the test and one of 6 from england and one from wales of age 10 took it. Of course they are all going to score different. They all are very different in their maturity.

def90csw not a go at you, just this infuriates me that people are willing to draw conclusions based on what is drivvel.

  Jak_1 20:38 23 Oct 2006

Judging by the number of peeps that get lost on our roads I would say that 3/4 of the population can't read maps!

  kev d 21:12 23 Oct 2006

More like 3/4 cannot drive

  Jak_1 21:28 23 Oct 2006

True, very true :-)

  namtas 22:19 23 Oct 2006

"The research is undertaken personally by Professor Smithers and Dr Pamela Robinson, Senior Research Fellow in the Centre, with the support of an IT specialist (Mandy-Diana Coughlan), research assistants appointed to particular projects, PhD students and a team of 20 interviewers and clerical assistants"

With a research team backing you up like this how can anyone question the findings.

  paddyjack 22:54 23 Oct 2006

Test your geography skills here click here

  Forum Editor 23:12 23 Oct 2006

general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, called the magazine's findings "nonsense".

She said: "The constant desire for groups to produce statistics to do down the English education system is quite appalling and does nothing to recognise the excellent work of children and staff."

Well, she would say that, wouldn't she? Perhaps if the work of children and staff was a little more excellent it wouldn't be quite so easy for 'groups' to produce these statistics.

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