Where would you holiday?

  De Marcus™ 00:10 04 Aug 2006

I'm off to Florida in September, partly business, mostly pleasure, hopefully.

What's your ideal, money no object, ideal holiday location and why?

  wolfie3000 00:18 04 Aug 2006

Jersey by far is the best for holidays,

Its a beautifull island with friendly locals, clean beaches and i like the history of the island,

I would happely spend a month there with the missus just chilling out.

Went there a few times and will be going back soon hopefully.

  kiddgame2000 08:38 04 Aug 2006

If money, time and committments were no object i would do some sort of camping, trekking, rafting or hunting style holiday somewhere in north or south amercia.

  SG Atlantis® 10:50 04 Aug 2006

The movie Deliverance put me off that kind of holiday kiddgame2000. lol.

Egypt for me as I'm fascinated by all it's history, legends, myths and curses! lol. It's been a thing I've wanted to do since being a kid (school projects) and then the connections to Stargate (steeped in mythology) renewed my desire to go.

Just waiting til my kids are older and I've saved enough for a huge all out trip. Think the Pyramids will still be there?? Don't wanna miss 'em. ;)

  SB23 12:04 04 Aug 2006

Would have to be Egypt for me too, for very similar reasons as SG Atlantis®.
I never miss anything to do with Egypt, I've always been interested, especially when it comes to the tombs, mummies, and artefacts.
As for my wife and 5 children, it would have to be Florida for Disney.
All I can say, is that I hope they have a lovely time, lol.

  spuds 12:43 04 Aug 2006

This question always seems to have an after effect, with people whose occupation took/takes them there on world travel. Many a time I have sat in front of a television, and watched a documentary or travel program, and thought "I was near to that place, how come I missed it. Wish I had been longer there, perhaps as a tourist next time maybe?".

Island hopping around the Caribbean, 'venture' travel in South America. Exotic places in South East Asia, Middle East and beyond. Doing a bit of swagging in Australia, or gold prospecting in New Guinea perhaps. Then of course, there's the more casual life of sitting on a beach, or visiting one of the many treasures of the UK.

Regarding Egypt,a visit to the museum in Cairo, the pyramids at Giza,or a cruise to Luxor can be rewarding. Watch out for the camel and horse rides at Giza, let them lead you, and not the other way around, because you may well remember the experiences!.

  Diemmess 12:52 04 Aug 2006

No children, hassled by employer, drove a new Austin A30 to Spain. The holiday feeling as the gangplank was withdrawn and I was freeeee for a fortnight was exquisite!

Self employed with four children had a package holiday followed by several delightful camping holidays on the Biscay coast with an quick inflatable aboard.

Children left home and we honestly preferred short breaks in this country. Good hotel at night and buying for a picnic each day.

In retirement and very happy in the place we live now, that feeling continues.
We did have a similar break in Eire a couple of years ago with lovely weather in spite of the Emerald Isle's reputation for "soft days."

  kiddgame2000 12:55 04 Aug 2006

The deliverence is one of the main reasons i would like to go because apart from the unpleasent part which we will not mention it looked like great fun.

I recently seen advertised a 21 day white water rafting trip through the grand canyon. It just looked like best fun ever.

Maybe some day

  Bandy 13:09 04 Aug 2006

If I ever have my way, and that's rarely, then a holiday at home is best. My domestic managing director however usually insists otherwise and then its Canada or Ireland as preferences

  dagbladet 13:12 04 Aug 2006

I'd probably still go to our regular haunt of the Austrian Tyrol in the Summer. However, If money were no object I could go BA First Class instead of Ryan, I could hire a luxury MPV instead of a corsa, I could book into a 5* spa hotel instead of a family run pension. I wonder if all that would make the experience any more enjoyable? Maybe, maybe not.

  wolfie3000 13:33 04 Aug 2006


I too am fascinated by egypt,s mythology,
I would love to go but it looks to hot for me i prefer more temperate climates.

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