Where were Australia?

  version8 14:07 24 Aug 2008

The Aussies seemed to think they would conquer all.
Yet it seems they finished 6th in the medal table.
TeamGB did well to finish in 4th place with:
19~Gold/13~Silver/15~Bronze & a total of 47 Medals.

  peter99co 16:18 24 Aug 2008

The Aussies got 46.

  dagbladet 16:29 24 Aug 2008

With a population of about 20 million, I think the Ozzies do pretty well at most things sporty.

  Si_L 16:31 24 Aug 2008

Only one medal less than the UK!

Although, technically speaking, because a quarter of their national flag is a Union Jack, I say take off about 11 or so medals and give them to the UK :)

  wee eddie 16:37 24 Aug 2008

I play a Sport in which support for "The Amateur Curler" has been removed in favour of the Funding of the UK's current Winter Olympic hopes.

The Powers that be(who have all awarded themselves more than adequate salaries) seem to have forgotten that not only this batch but also the future's Olympic Curlers, will need to be recruited from these ignored amateurs.

  wee eddie 16:41 24 Aug 2008

"That'll get a few backs up".

Must realise that unless there is a vibrant base of Amateur Players (of any Game) there is little chance of the real tyros emerging.

  Bingalau 17:00 24 Aug 2008

wee eddie. The Real McHoy (3 Golds in cycling) said words much the same as you earlier today in an interview. The reason Australia do so well is because they encourage every one to take part in sports of all kinds. A bigger base is needed at the bottom of the pyramid in all sports in this country, and the best of them should be encouraged and funded.

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