Where Was The Big Bang?

  Chronos the 2nd 12:47 28 Aug 2013

Or where is the centre of the universe?


  john bunyan 13:25 28 Aug 2013

"where is the centre of the universe?"

It all depends where the observer is - there may be many answers - there may be more universes - see my comment of 23rd Aug 3.34 pm on your other *Universe" thread.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:33 28 Aug 2013

It all depends where the observer is

I do not think that is strictly true, if I drew a circle on the ground the centre is in the same place wherever the circle is viewed from surely?

Oops I know don't call you Shirley.

Oh and this was thread was posted here by mistake I had two forums open and the other has a section where important questions can be posed, whereas this doesn't.

  [DELETED] 13:45 28 Aug 2013

And I thought we were at last getting down to the nitty gritty...

  john bunyan 13:46 28 Aug 2013

A bit beyond my knowledge but quantum theory maintains you can be in many places at once!! The other day there was a great TV programme on Quantum computers which gave some puzzling thoughts - about a week ago, I will look for a link.

  john bunyan 13:51 28 Aug 2013

I think this was it, although titled "Defeating hackers" it had a lot of good stuff. You as a computer builder may be quite interested in how such machines have to be kept an near absolute zero degrees....

Quantum computers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 28 Aug 2013

The way I understand it is: an event (the Big Bang) occurred and caused our three dimensional universe to expand.

So perhaps the Big Bang was in a higher dimension.

Our three dimensionl space is expanding over another dimension (which may be expanding over another etc. - 11 dimensions in total.)

therefore there is no centre of our 3 dimensional universe!

  Chronos the 2nd 15:27 28 Aug 2013

john bunyan

You hare talking about the Horizon program. Alas the BBC has dumbed down that excellent program not so much by the content but with the ridiculous camera shots,effects and angles which add absolutely nothing to the subject matter and have made the program unwatchable to me now.

This weeks program was about Dinosaurs but again pointless camera tricks. Rather early they had some professor riding a horse, getting off here horse and kneeling at a skeleton but all three shots on the screen at the same time. Why. I have no idea. Did not watch any more.

Fruit Bat /\0/

Well that is not very helpful as I am more confused than ever.

  bumpkin 16:04 28 Aug 2013

"Where Was The Big Bang?" I don't know but Aitchbee didn't hear it.

  wiz-king 17:52 28 Aug 2013

Well, it could not be at the centre of the universe - the universe did not exist until after the big bang.

  Chronos the 2nd 18:53 28 Aug 2013

Excellent point wiz-king

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