Where to see the big game?

  Cymro. 11:35 27 Jun 2010

My son is going down to the pub to watch it. He says the atmosphere is better there than at home. I have been invited to a barbecue party to watch on a specially arranged big screen telly. I wonder what the picture will be like outside in this bright sunshine. Anyway as someone who does not like football I have said no thanks. So assuming you are a football fan where will you watch the game?

  sunnystaines 11:38 27 Jun 2010

if i were a fan i would watch indoors, the glare of the sun will spoil the picture unless you put a canopy found the screen to shade it.

  Kevscar1 11:45 27 Jun 2010

The big game ocurred at Wimbledon during the week not today. Sorry you won't get any Englishman with that heart and determination today.

  dagbladet 11:55 27 Jun 2010

"Sorry you won't get any Englishman with that heart and determination today"

Oh dear.

  Quickbeam 12:04 27 Jun 2010

On the radio as I have to go out this afternoon. After the first two that I watched I can't bring myself to up the enthusiasm much as the opposition between now and the final will require a massive improvement in attitude and ability, much more than the last win game.

In the meantime I'm marinating a nice Panama hat just in case...

  Forum Editor 13:59 27 Jun 2010

with that heart and determination today."

What rubbish.

I shall watch the game at home - doors to the garden open, a chair by the pond,in my favourite spot by a great swathe of lavender, so I can relax at half time and watch the damsel flies flitting over the water lilies.

  sunnystaines 14:02 27 Jun 2010

when i first saw this post i thought you were off on safari .

  sunnystaines 14:03 27 Jun 2010

your thread drifted abit what did you do in the end.

  Forum Editor 14:05 27 Jun 2010

The game isn't until later this afternoon.

  Armchair 14:41 27 Jun 2010

I'm watching it at home. Hope it's as entertaining as the two matches yesterday. I never bother with all the build-up/expert predictions bits.

Looking forward to tonight's Argentina v Mexico game, too, whatever the result of this afternoon's game happens to be.

  Big L 266 15:31 27 Jun 2010


I'll see the football in the news bulletins when 90 minutes is condensed down into a few minutes which is bearable for this non-footie fan - anyway it clashes with 'Deal Or No Deal' on C4 at 4.40pm!

Big L 266

P.S.Its exceptionally quiet here in Spalding. Are Poland in the World Cup and playing as well and England today?

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