Where to pass your driving test

  oresome 13:56 23 Aug 2019

Don't think of taking it in Birmingham but consider some of the remoter parts of Scotland where traffic lights, dual carriageways and roundabouts are things you'll rarely come across.

Gairloch, Scotland has a 86% pass rate while The Pavilion, Birmingham has just 28%.

Of course it could all be down to the quality of the tuition as Kenny Tallach, until recently the only part time driving instructor in Gairloch claims.


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  john bunyan 17:40 25 Aug 2019

I was on leave in London for a week prior to what turned out to be a military operation in 1956. I managed to get a car and big motorcycle test a couple of days apart in a suburb I did not know. Luckily passed the car one. On the motorcycle one , by chance I had the same examiner. He asked if I had passed the car one and said, passing me on the motorcycle “In that case, I won’t bother with bloody silly Highway Code questions”!

  grumpy old man 18:33 25 Aug 2019

when I passed my driving test the instructor said I could have done it months ago but he did not think the basic test was tough enough.

He added you learn to drive AFTER you have passed the test , this came to me one day when after passing I was out on my own , I got to a busy junction and automatically looked across to an empty passenger seat , oh poo I had to think for myself !

  Menzie 17:43 27 Aug 2019

People have been taking their test in rural areas for years. The test centres in the city are overburdened and there is a waiting list. Also because you have to navigate the city traffic they go out of town to where things are in theory easier.

I took my test locally, my train of thought was that I'll be driving on these roads so I might as well take my test here.

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