Where to pass your driving test

  oresome 13:56 23 Aug 2019

Don't think of taking it in Birmingham but consider some of the remoter parts of Scotland where traffic lights, dual carriageways and roundabouts are things you'll rarely come across.

Gairloch, Scotland has a 86% pass rate while The Pavilion, Birmingham has just 28%.

Of course it could all be down to the quality of the tuition as Kenny Tallach, until recently the only part time driving instructor in Gairloch claims.


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  john bunyan 17:11 23 Aug 2019

At my advanced age, to prove to my 20 something year old grandchildren that I am not too doddering to drive, I am halfway through a IAM Roadsmart course. This is a one, sometimes two, hour session once a month for 10 - 12 months. You have a log book with marks on a variety of issues. Mine is held north of Southampton. Last week we went on motorways, dual and single carriageways and narrow lanes , all varying in speed limits. We went round Winchester for quite a while where the limit is 20 mph. The exam at the end has a Police Highway examiner. I wonder if the basic DVLA test is tough enough. Perhaps, as in some countries, new drivers should have to display a P plate until a further test to include motorway and night driving.

  Quickbeam 18:20 23 Aug 2019

I think it should be compulsory to return to the test centre after about a month to prove that you still know what mirrors and indicators are for!

  Menzie 18:54 23 Aug 2019

What if you drive a BMW or a Bus which clearly had neither of those things installed?

  Quickbeam 19:14 23 Aug 2019

Don't go there!

  Belatucadrus 19:28 23 Aug 2019

Or you could try abroad

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BMW drivers ? a mere bagatelle when compared with WHITE VAN MAN, usually unsure what the brake pedal is for and ludicrously optimistic about their own driving skills.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 24 Aug 2019

you have to pass a sight test as in reading a number plate from 20 metres away but there is nothing about a colour blindness check, is that why so may people drive through red lights?

I assume more cyclists are colour blind from recent observations?

  WhirlingRound 12:31 24 Aug 2019

Menzie: or Audis

  Cymro. 09:26 25 Aug 2019

I passed my Driving Test in rural North Wales in the winter months of the mid 1960s. So even less traffic than there is now. It still took me two attempts before I passed. It was a real eye opener when I took to teaching my two children to drive in the same part of the country in the mid 1990s. One of those worst decisions of my life. They did also go to a professional for lessons. Still at least i didn't have to teach their mother as she had passed hes test before we met.

  wee eddie 12:46 25 Aug 2019

Much to my chagrin, I failed my Driving Test 4 times. Although it is common to relate, only the 3rd was down to my bad driving.

The first and second were taken in Bury St Edmunds. The second was in February '62 and there was over a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature, several degrees below zero, which was not unusual in East Anglia during that decade. Bury was 30 miles from home and we allowed an extra half hour for the journey there, and even so, arrived late. However the Tests were overrunning anyway so it was no problem.

The roads were compacted snow, the early-morning gritting having been covered with a fresh fall. We went to the outer edge of the town so that I could "do" a Roundabout, the only one in the town at that time. As I entered, a lorry leaving the roundabout failed to make the turn and rear-ended me, having wiped out a bollard on the way. The Tester said that there was little that I could have done about it but that as my car was no longer roadworthy, I would need to Fail.

My Instructor appealed, and I got a free resit, incidentally, with the same Tester. He passed me that time, but meantime I had taken it twice more in London, and failed, in the intervening period

  oresome 17:29 25 Aug 2019

I first attempted to teach my wife the mechanics of driving when we had a Reliant three wheeler.

Unfortunately the car was very lightweight and the clutch had little progression. After several hours of hopping along and many arguments, the project was abandoned to save the marriage!

Some years later she took professional lessons in a normal vehicle and after several weeks I went out with her in one of our cars. By this time the Reliant was gone and she had a Citroen 2CV. There didn't seem to be much improvement so I asked what the instructor was teaching her and she said he just puts the radio on and listens to the cricket!

She did pass first time in our own 2CV after the instructor couldn't make it because he had a school run to do.

First time passes run in the family. I passed first time and so did my daughter and no, none of the tests were taken in Gairloch.

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