Where have thenn hiding?-Not a Hel p quest

  jack 09:44 11 May 2010

I do get a lot of mail each day - some times as many as a 100 plus- through out the day - Most is from the local Fregle[Freecycle] giving/wanting site plus of course from here if have up to my old tricks [SAT boycott]
Yesterday was average for example- open up in the AM with 20= then trickles throughout the day.
Closed down about 8pm.
This morning when I opened up- 100 + flooded in
Most of which were dated yesterday from 10 am on-
15 or so during the evening after close down.

So the question is
Where were all those timed before my close down hiding?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 11 May 2010

E-mail isn't instant I spoken to people on the phone while they have e-mailed me and its been hours later before its arrived in my in box.

Your ISP's mail sever may also have been down for maintenance.

  interzone55 12:53 11 May 2010

It's very odd, because if you look into the technicalities of how TCP/IP works then nothing should take more than a few hundreds of milliseconds to get anywhere in the world, as each packet of data only travels a certain number of hops between routers before it either arrives at it's destination or dies.

With email the message goes from the sender to their ISP's mail server, where it sits until the mail server does a send operation.
The email then travels through the pipes until it arrives at the recipient's mail server. The email will the stay where it is until the recipient's email program calls for it.

There's a few things that can go wrong.

1) the sender's ISP mail server can go down
2) a major internet outage happens between the two servers
3) the recipient's email server can go down

1) is unlikely in your case because several emails were delayed, unless all the senders used the same ISP.
2) is also unlikely as most TCP/IP packets have a TTL (time to live) of 64 hops, so even more. So unless an earthquake or nuclear strike took out half the internet this isn't the case
3) sounds like your ISP mail server was having a little nap...

  jack 14:10 11 May 2010

Was down or having a little nap.
My E-client is set to recieve mail continously- not when I call for it.
So that would suggest Alan14 and Fruitbat may have the correct assumption.

  peter99co 14:15 11 May 2010

My emails come in about 8 minutes after I send them via phone to the server and then into my PC on a quick test.

  spuds 15:44 11 May 2010

The internet is still far quicker than the old days of telex (ticker tape)or the GPO bike ;o))

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