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Where have all the heroic chritian names gone?

  john bunyan 11:05 05 Mar 2016

As in the song (Where have all the flowers gone) "Gone to Graveyards, every one". Browsing through cemetery websites (as you do), I came across one where both Isembard Kingdom Brunel and William Makepeace Thackeray are buried, plus so many other famous people, and these names seem so evocative compared with modern ones like "Brooklyn" "Paris" etc. I suppose it is a sign of age to think of these things!

Kensal Green Cemetery

  Quickbeam 11:24 05 Mar 2016

I don't think that there ever were many Isambard's...

But in my biking club we have a Tristan, a Hector, 2 George's, a Howard and an Alfred all under 30.

Not so long ago these were perceived as very old fashioned names, but are now ultra cool!

  lotvic 12:04 05 Mar 2016

I believe it used to be the practice to use the mother's surname as a middle name or sometimes as the first name, that seems to be the case in my family history going back to 1600's so far in my research.

  mbc 15:09 05 Mar 2016

I have posted on this before. I was given a book on old fashioned names, all on a decidedly rude theme (I have some weird friends). Some are, to modern minds, unacceptable, but commonplace years ago and quite genuine, all gathered from archives. Good job they have been consigned to history. FE would probably delete this post if I were to quote some of the ruder ones.

  Quickbeam 18:35 05 Mar 2016

You can't post that without a reference!

  morddwyd 19:01 05 Mar 2016

"'Dogs of. Gwern, beware of Morddwyd Tyllion', " The Mabinogion , c.1315.

Gwern was the King of Ireland.

Pretty heroic stuff!

  mbc 19:41 05 Mar 2016

QB- the title says it all.'Busty, Slag and Nob End' by Russell Ash. Front cover says-'Remarkably rude but real names of people, places and products from all over the world'.This is the authors second book, the first entitled 'Potty, Fartwell & Knob'.Warned you!

  RV510 19:51 05 Mar 2016

Old traditional names are coming back, as said, the ones like the OP mentioned are now considered not so cool. I can bring to mind some names that would or could be considered as 'rude' but these names were usually shortened versions. Then there are those parents that seem to lack imagination and name their children the same as any of those born around the same time as Royalty children. The sort of names coming back, or at least those that some of my friends have chosen for their children are Sam, Jack, Harold, Fred, Archie and for the girls, Mary, Ann, Hannah, Elenor, Sophie. I feel sorry for those that have been saddled with certain names, the poor child has to live with it often being bullied and teased as a result and the parents wonder why!

  Aitchbee 20:08 05 Mar 2016

My brother was christened Cornelius but no one has ever called him by that name.

I wonder if Neil Diamond and Neil Armstrong had the same problem?

  john bunyan 20:36 05 Mar 2016

I knew a John Thomas Painter Brown; there used to be a judge - Christmas Humphreys.

  bumpkin 21:17 05 Mar 2016

Dick Emery was a rough handful apparently.

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