Where has everybody gone?

  Nontek 20:18 22 Sep 2012

Just checked last Posts in Threads ....

Helproom ........ 2 Hrs ago. Beginners ....... 3 Hrs ago. Consumer Advice.. 6 Hrs ago.

Don't think I have ever seen the Site so empty!

  Joseph Kerr 03:03 23 Sep 2012

I've been sent to the diganose problem page quite a few times in the last few days. I often give up for hours at a time as no issues are found and remedied and refresh doesn't work.


It's that page but in IE9.

There is one other site where this has been happening, but not nearly as much as here.

  Chegs ®™ 10:27 27 Sep 2012

I tend to steer clear of the site often,as I get java crashing,errors aplenty like being logged out when I try to post etc.This on top of slow page loading just sends me off to elsewhere.

  Quickbeam 12:36 27 Sep 2012

I also think that after 20 years of the web, the novelty of being able to converse all night for the sake of it has worn off. Most sites are much quieter in recent years compared to 10 years ago.

  Forum Editor 13:14 27 Sep 2012

"Most sites are much quieter in recent years compared to 10 years ago."

Substitute /forums' for 'sites' and I will agree with you. The reason can be summed up in two words: social networking.

We get more traffic on the site now than we did a year ago, but that's because of our content. Thousands of people browse through the forums but don't post - they're looking for specific fixes or advice, and they find it in our archive.

  Phil Ocifer 12:11 28 Sep 2012

Well, I have noticed plenty of slowness on here, to the point of reassessing my laptop, but seeing as how it seems to be OK elsewhere, I'm assuming its just the PCA site.

This forum is rather unconventional in that its not like others (e.g. Digital spy) and is more like an extension of the website with all the bells & whistles and (of course) the advertisements which compound to make the experience 'tedious' to say the least.

GOOD NEWS - the mobile site on my iphone through Safari is GREAT!! Banner advert top & bottom but apart from that, very fast and usable, that's where I am now.

BAD NEWS - the PCA app seems to exclude the Forums.

  Forum Editor 18:25 28 Sep 2012

Phil Ocifer

Digital Spy is a superb site, but then it should be - it has a team of 50 people running it, and has the financial backing of the Hearst magazine group, which publishes around 20 magazines in the UK alone. There's a great deal of money being pumped into the site because it generates traffic and advertising revenues for the magazines - both in the print issues and on their separate websites. A single column colour ad in Cosmopolitan magazine costs £114 a centimetre.

We're in a very different, much small market sector. We need online advertisers if we are to keep this big site running as a free resource.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:11 29 Sep 2012

We're in a very different, much small market sector

I thought IDG group was supposed to be a pretty big publisher?


  Forum Editor 14:34 29 Sep 2012


IDG is the world's largest publisher of computer-related magazines, but that wasn't the point I was making - the market sector in which we operate has fewer potential readers than the Hearst Group.

They publish magazines with a mass audience appeal - Good Housekeeping alone has a circulation of around 4.5 million. Cosmopolitan has just over 3 million, and there are another 18 titles on top of that.

Our market sector is smaller, as I said, and each magazine in the group has to pay its way, which is as it should be. We can't go to the group for a hand-out if we get things wrong financially.

  lotvic 15:02 29 Sep 2012

"We can't go to the group for a hand-out if we get things wrong financially"

Not run like the EU then ;)

  Forum Editor 15:27 29 Sep 2012


Things work a little differently in the commercial world.

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