Where has everybody gone?

  Nontek 20:18 22 Sep 2012

Just checked last Posts in Threads ....

Helproom ........ 2 Hrs ago. Beginners ....... 3 Hrs ago. Consumer Advice.. 6 Hrs ago.

Don't think I have ever seen the Site so empty!

  onthelimit1 20:21 22 Sep 2012

I'm still here!

  onthelimit1 20:22 22 Sep 2012

Perhaps they're all out looking for more falling space debris!

  rdave13 20:23 22 Sep 2012
  Forum Editor 20:23 22 Sep 2012

It's just past 8 o'clock on Saturday night. Everyone's watching X Factor, or having a drink, or eating out, or doing something else. Lots of people are browsing around the site at the moment, perhaps they don't see a topic that interests them - why don't you start one?

  lotvic 20:24 22 Sep 2012

Site was down according to http://www.isup.me/ when I tried earlier.

  Nontek 20:26 22 Sep 2012


I thought I just had ...

  woodchip 20:47 22 Sep 2012

I jumped ship about 2 hour ago as pages would not respond, I have since had to turn off Java script in Browser to enable me to do anything on the site

  Forum Editor 20:47 22 Sep 2012

Perhaps you have.

You're right about the forum being quiet, and I think that apart from the Saturday night effect it may partly be due to the way the site seemed to slow to a crawl for a while. It does often seem to happen at weekends, and Without looking at the server logs I don't have a sensible answer I'm afraid.

We appear to have speeded up somewhat now.

  simonjary 22:03 22 Sep 2012

Hi, everyone.

Site appears to have lost half its normal traffic between 6-7pm.

No idea why right now. It could be another mass spam attempt battering our defences.

Or, er, something else. We'll investigate.

  Condom 22:12 22 Sep 2012


I think you have had the decorators in again as today is like watching paint drying. It has taken over 10 minutes to log in and page changes are taking more than 1 minute. I think you have driven people back to their TV's ;-)

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