where to find photo on a computer?

  josie mayhem 22:21 23 Jun 2005

Have I missed somthing...

According to my local paper images stored on a computer are to be found in the memory!!!!!

I always thought that everything was kept on the hard drive (except bois and comos instructions)the ideal of the ram memeory was to store data, that was being currently used to carry out apllication running. And soon as the computer is shut down, this ram data is lost unless saved to a hard disk all be it, hhd, fdd or cd/dvd rom.

So how can the police find 1,000's of ilecit porn photos in the computers memory??? Or is it has I thought, the reporter has made a rather large boob with his facts?

  octal 22:37 23 Jun 2005

You are correct, as soon as you turn off the computer the memory is purged. Anything on the hard drive will quite often be available even if its deleted, unless its been overwritten by one of the security programs, it sounds like the reporter doesn't understand the IT technology he writes his article on.

  Pooke 22:51 23 Jun 2005

Yep, they mean the hard disk.....

When you delete something from your hard disk, it can still be recovered unless it's over written with something else.

As Octal says you can get security/utility software like "windows washer" etc that will overwrite the deleted file dozens of times so it can't be recovered.

It was explained to me like the VCR and a blank VHS tape. Once you record something the only way to get rid of it is to tape over it.

Maybe the reporter should join the forum and we can help him out?


  josie mayhem 23:44 23 Jun 2005

I knew I was right..

Mind you our local rag is very well known for it's mistakes, lucky for them I do have a wired sence of humour, When I lost my mum 3 years back the the notice and obertairy made for good reading. The notice was partly our fault, to meet the deadline (and they do cut it very close) the only way my sister could remeber all names, was to go down the family naming sister/brother and parter. I know that I come from a large family but there is only 9 and not 18 of us.. as sugested. But when mum's obituary came out, within the first paragraph/sentence they manage to change mums sex from female to male....... (but a cramed pack churh standing room only was a understatement, and a village of bowed heads for a lady in her early seventies, said it all to who she was)

P.S I shall this time send a letter to point out this little fact, I hope that they didn't say this in court, I wouldn't want this chaps convivtion over turned (he was a teacher at a primary school very frigthening indeed)

  Forum Editor 07:16 24 Jun 2005

that lots of people don't have the same level of computer literacy as, say, many of the members of this forum.

It's a very common, and perfectly understandable error to refer to data that's stored on the hard drive as being in the computer's 'memory'. In fact there's a kind of logic in it - stored data is being 'memorised' in a way. It's held in a digital format until recalled.

I would hold off on that letter if I was you - everyone would understand exactly what the reporter was getting at, even if he/she wasn't technically perfect.

  jack 20:16 24 Jun 2005

You Read! your local newspaper! Do you mean those patches of text that stop the ads bumping into each other?

Well I never do- you cannot believe a word of it-
and when they report an event with location and date correct - the event took place yesterday.

Nope you are not supposed to read that stuff - only the ads- they are the bits that count.

  Kev.Ifty 22:27 24 Jun 2005

Of course, you're right.

BUT... I 'celebrated' my 40th birthday recently and since then, when ever i make a prefectly valid observation, my Wife has taken great pleasure pointing out how much i sound like those "Grumpy Old Men" on that BBC2 programme!

  Simsy 09:15 25 Jun 2005

as FE mentioned, it's the Hard disc that "remembers" everything, hence it is often, colloquially, called the "memory".

Ironically, the computers "short term memory", the RAM, forgets everything!



  Mr Mistoffelees 13:40 26 Jun 2005

I don't have to be switched off to forget everything!!

  Diemmess 18:46 26 Jun 2005

Just to chuck a bit more mud into the pool!

Virtual memory and other strange things are also stored on the HD, particularly when the RAM is proving insufficient. This temporary use of the HD theoretically ends when the program using it is closed and this memory is "flushed".... but not always.

Sometimes when pushing things a bit, if the system becomes unstable and either crashes or has to be told to close, any number of mysterious files may remain, hence the use of cleaners and other more thorough scouring for orphans.

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