Where do you stand on ID cards/chips?

  PC Advisor 15:37 03 Jul 2014

If you could have a chip implanted or carry around an ID card that meant you never again had to prove your ID, remember logins and passwords and so on, would you do it?

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  csqwared 16:04 03 Jul 2014

As ever - a very emotive subject. Having voted 'Yes' I still have reservations as to the security aspects of such a measure. There seems to be a very healthy trade in faked/cloned passports/credit cards etc. and unless it could be guaranteed that such activities were curtailed I would prefer to stay as I am. Hopefully technology will find a way to surmount these problems but I envisage a very difficult path.

  Aitchbee 16:18 03 Jul 2014

A free-travel-bus-pass 'implant' might speed up journeys [a little bit] but overall I think that these shortcuts are just a slippery slope to hell.

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  Aitchbee 16:23 03 Jul 2014

MechKB 2 ... you'll need at least six-million-dollars ....

  Woolwell 17:14 03 Jul 2014

I carried an ID card for years so don't see a problem with it.

  bumpkin 17:52 03 Jul 2014

An ID card yes, an implant out of the question.

  flycatcher1 19:06 03 Jul 2014

Woolwell . Me too 348129 issued June 1948. No problem with ID cards as long as their issue and use is tightly controlled. I no longer travel abroad but find my passport very useful for identity confirmation , Driving Licence ditto.

  wee eddie 19:13 03 Jul 2014

ID Card - No problem.

ID Chip - No problem.

Can't see what all the fuss is about

  Forum Editor 19:49 03 Jul 2014

All of us have been asked for some form of ID at various times, even if it's a Passport to enter and/or leave a country.

I really don't see anything wrong with having a specialised ID card, as long as it doesn't become a legal requirement that I carry it at all times. I still believe that I should be allowed to move freely around in my own country without having to identify myself to the authorities.

And that's where the problems arise - if I can do it, so can anyone else, and not everyone has as much right to be here as me, or is as harmless as me when it comes to posing a threat to society.

Sooner or later, like it or not, compulsory ID cards or chips will be with us.

  bumpkin 21:21 03 Jul 2014

I would rather foreigners steal my ID card than cut out an implant which is the sort of thing they would do.

  Aitchbee 22:19 03 Jul 2014

Implants? ... I reckon [as the ID market picks up] that [in the near future] plastic surgery procedures will become routine and as-cheap-as-chips. BOGOF!

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