Where do you eat your meals?

  oresome 20:25 13 Mar 2013

Six out of ten meals consumed in British homes are eaten in front of the television.

Research has revealed that millions of families have all but abandoned the dining table and now retire to the sofa to enjoy their meal.

We eat almost every meal at the dining table with the TV in the through lounge turned off, both now as a couple and when there were four of us at home. We enjoy our food, conversation and wine (but not wine every night).

Are we unusual?

  passing through 20:28 13 Mar 2013

At the dinning table, except for lunch but usually with the news going on the television.

When we have guests or family visiting, the television is always switched off.

  csqwared 20:34 13 Mar 2013

We're with the 60% in front of the telly. Since we are both retired the majority of our conversation is throughout the day. Since I only watch TV at tea time (Pointless and news - rugby when it's on), it's nice to do so in relative peace. We still enjoy good food (excellent cook my missus) and the occasional glass and argue over the Pointless answers!! Telly always off if we have guests, whether we are eating or not.

  fourm member 20:38 13 Mar 2013

Patterns change and habits with them. It is not that long ago that a lot of houses didn't have a kitchen and meals were all bought out and brought home.

In our previous house, we did the tray in front of the TV most of the time but this house has a kitchen big enough for a proper table so meals were in the kitchen. 'Were' because my wife now has hers in bed meaning that even though I have mine sitting at the kitchen table there's no conversation.

But, I confess, I do have a TV in the kitchen.

  fourm member 20:46 13 Mar 2013

I remember reading a 'lifestyle' survey in a newspaper long ago. It was one of those ones with questions so you could mark your answers to see what type of person you were. This one was to see how good a host/ess you were.

The 'correct' answer to one question was that a good host would put the TV on after dinner if there was a good programme on.

  Aitchbee 21:09 13 Mar 2013

I usually have breakfast whilst hovering over the sink. Tinned mackerel fillets plonked onto a wholemeal roll with an accompaniment of lettuce leaves, tomatoes and spring onions ... and radio4's Today programme, as a side dish.

  Brumas 21:28 13 Mar 2013

We live in a small bungalow, the kitchen is tiny and for a long while we had to eat our food on trays on our laps whilst sitting in the living room. This wasn't perfect for my wife because of her disability so we finally had a huge conservatory built (we couldn't afford a proper brick -built extension) running across the back of the bungalow. Fortunately it isn't south facing so it does not heat up like a greenhouse in the summer and it is heated so we can use it in the winter. Oh what bliss it is to sit at a proper dining table and eat in comfort. We do not have a tv in there so meals are taken leisurely with no distractions.

  muddypaws 21:32 13 Mar 2013

Breakfast at the breakfast bar ( sounds grand but promise it isn't).

Lunch ( sandwich etc) on settee listening to Jeremy Vine, before taking muddypaws for walkies (cocker spaniel).

Evening meal at table in dining room watching Pointless then back to sitting room for Brainheads.

And yes TV off for visitors unless it is the grandchildren when Ceebies might be on quietly.

  Woolwell 21:51 13 Mar 2013

fourm member - "It is not that long ago that a lot of houses didn't have a kitchen and meals were all bought out and brought home.". Out of interest when was that? I always remember houses with a kitchen but not an indoors loo. Most of the meals were ate in the kitchen. The dining room, if there was one, was used only to eat in for Christmas or some other occasion. The front room was only used for visitors and this began to change with the advent of TV.

We eat at the dining room table.

  chub_tor 22:09 13 Mar 2013

We always have breakfast and lunch in the kitchen which is big enough for a round table. Dinner in the living room if we are on our own while listening to The Archers but we have dinner In the kitchen or dining room if we have visitors. TV goes on around 7.30pm if Corrie is on or around 8.00pm if not unless we have a recorded programme to watch. We talk a lot - no TV with guests unless they ask for a specific programme and no TV is watched Christmas Day or Boxing Day but we do record a lot of programmes on those two days.

  mole1944 06:14 14 Mar 2013

Always at the table and wait for it,having great conversation no tv or radio for distractions

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