where do you draw the line

  sunnystaines 15:32 21 Oct 2010

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you go on holiday for a week and come back to squatters?

you come back from a day at work or a trip to the shops and squatters have taken over.

urgent changes to the laws needed and more support from the police I say

  961 15:35 21 Oct 2010

quite right

  sunnystaines 16:21 21 Oct 2010

its like gypseys.

gypsey mr A comes along in middle of night breaks lock on gates to a field.

then by surprise gysey mr B and his convoy just happen to notice the insecure field next morning when they were passing by chance and decide to move on.

  interzone55 16:47 21 Oct 2010

Please don't confuse the travellers who park up and instantly turn the area into a rubbish tip with Gypsies, who largely respect the area and keep it relatively clean and tidy.

They're two totally separate groups of people, and the Gypsy Council (click here) take great offence at being tarred with the same brush as travellers...

  interzone55 16:49 21 Oct 2010

totally agree, this is not 100% of the story and I tried to find more info online and the 4 sites I found all had pretty much the same wording, as if it's come from the same source...

  anchor 17:00 21 Oct 2010

I wonder if the police would say that they can do nothing if the squatters moved into Buckingham Palace, or similar. I am willing to bet they would have them out PDQ, and without a court order.

I do not believe their remark that the front door was open; the good condition of the interior suggests this was not the case. I suspect this was an excuse not to be prosecuted for breaking and entering.

Certainly the law needs to be changed to enable owners to recover they property immediately.

  sunnystaines 17:04 21 Oct 2010

I stand correct only ever met the bad ones, thanks.

  sunnystaines 17:05 21 Oct 2010

Should be corrected not correct

  interzone55 17:24 21 Oct 2010

No worries

You've only ever seen bad ones because they're the most visible, most people never see true gypsies who tend to keep to themselves.

There are many nice people in the traveller community, I met some lovely people at the Beautiful Days festival in August, some where true Gypsy (Romany) folk, others where just travellers who live a nomadic lifestyle out of choice, either to steer clear of authority, or because they want nothing to do with modern capitalist life.
Both groups shared equal contempt for the scum who drive round in wrecks and pollute wherever they stop for a few days...

  Forum Editor 18:15 21 Oct 2010

in a house that I was trying to sell, back in the 1980s.

I moved into my new house, leaving the old one empty for three weeks, prior to a purchaser exchanging and completing on the deal. I was horrified a week later when, visiting the empty house to check on it I found I couldn't get in - eight squatters had moved in (they said the patio doors were left unlocked, but that wasn't true), and had changed the locks.

Thus began a nightmare that lasted for eight weeks, until I finally got an eviction order. When I finally got back in the house was a shambles - walls daubed with graffiti, bathroom and kitchen fittings broken, fires had been lit on the patio, etc., etc. I had to pay out several thousand pounds to restore things to normal before my patient purchaser could move in.

The law has since been modified, and today you can obtain what's called an Interim Possession Order within a few days of squatters taking up residence. Once such an order is granted and the necessary notice is served on the squatters they must vacate the property within 24 hours. If they Fail to leave they will be guilty of a criminal offence, and may be arrested, or evicted by court bailiffs.

A subsequent hearing is held, and the squatters have the right to offer a defence at that time. If they don't do that (or if their claim is rejected by the court) a full possession order is issued, and you get your property back. From start to finish it should take no more than a couple of weeks. I wish such a facility had been available to me.

  spuds 18:18 21 Oct 2010

This is nothing new, because if you follow media reports you will find this type of event is happening all the time.

A couple of weeks ago, the national newspapers carried a report about a pensioner who stopped over for two days at his friends due to ill health, and on return to his home found the door locks changed and foreign squatter's had moved in. Another group of squatter's had moved into another house a few doors away.

Who says a persons home is their castle, not if you forget to close the door or go and do some shopping perhaps?.

I remember when 'Trespassers will be prosecuted' where very prominent, and people obeyed them. Don't see them around nowadays, I wonder why?.

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