Where do you ask for help?

  rdave13 22:08 06 Jan 2008

If you're a bit of a novice with PC's and you get a problem then you'd ask for help in a PC forum. So, you ask for help and get no replies. That's fine. Then you think "I'll ask in another PC forum for help". Now that is common sense. You hope someone else will be kind enough to spare their free time to help you out and you'd be most greatful.
Sometimes, though, the fact that you post in two forums will work against you and you could end up with no help at all. Pity really.
click here

  VoG II 22:26 06 Jan 2008

Some forums are very strict on cross-posting. click here is one.

  bluto1 22:27 06 Jan 2008

So someone is having a look at us here most likely to get answers for their own forum.
I do not think that excuses the 'traffic warden' attitude of the guy who answered.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:27 06 Jan 2008

A bit mean of them I think,

There are somethings that you just can not get help with for various reasons, may be the only person that knows on a particular forum is not available at that time.

  MCE2K5 22:34 06 Jan 2008

And they want "Donations For Malware Removal".

With an attitude like that, They'll get Sod all from me.

I would sooner do a Full Reinstall.

  [email protected] 22:41 06 Jan 2008

most questions i ask here i usually post on the suppliers/ makers site also seemed like common sense to me especially if you are getting no replies. yeah we are closing your thread please give us some cash, genius!

  Earthsea 00:30 07 Jan 2008

NonSuch obviously needs to get out more.

  p;3 00:43 07 Jan 2008

maybe one is forgetting that the specialist forums such AS malaware run a 'different type of ship' to 'normal forums'?
if you note in this thread ON that forum ,
click here

this gives very good reasons why the specialist forums do NOT appreciate people posting logs on more than one forum

and, just suppose you DID post(please DONT!!) on say THREE different specialist forums with the SAME log ;such practice will tie up THREE different volunteer helpers for starters, two of whom could be helping other victims who are STILL awaitng replies on other forums

  MCE2K5 00:47 07 Jan 2008

"NonSuch obviously needs to get out more.

Or a lobotomy :-)

  p;3 00:53 07 Jan 2008

I think you maybe need to re read this forum's rules before making any further derogatory comments about a member of any site or forum

  WhiteTruckMan 01:00 07 Jan 2008

Well they certainly have a high opinion of themselves. But I had a look at their forum rules and they really seem to me to have a flea where the sun doesnt shine. Definitely NOT user friendly, in my opinion. Oh, and their own rules mention nothing about cross posting, seemingly consisting mainly about rants about various ISP's spam traps.

I think the lad from essex (the site owner) can keep his site. I'll stick to where the advice is a little more friendly, and probably better quality as well.


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