Where do students get the money for this!

  Jak_1 20:29 17 Nov 2006

Article on binge drinking in tonights Manchester Evening News.

click here

  lisa02 20:46 17 Nov 2006

I'm sure her parents are very proud and she'll do well in her degree, not.

Despite the stereo type I do not accept that as the norm at least it wasn't when I was at college.

  Jak_1 20:58 17 Nov 2006

In city centre Manchester you do see a lot of it, not that all students are like that. The ones living down here in South Manchester and use the local pubs are by and large very well behaved and an asset. I think it's more prevelant amongst 1st year students who have been let off the leash, so to speak, for the first time in their lives. Most learn during their second year when they have to move out of student accomodation and find their own digs that they can't afford to drink like that.

In the printed version what struck me was the fact that she would drink a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine beore going out at least 4 days a week. I work full time and I can't afford to shell out that much dosh on booze! Not that I would want to if I could.

  dukeboxhero 21:09 17 Nov 2006

being a black hack taxi driver in glasgow i see both sides of this, in the 20 years i have been doing this job i have seen more students gettin out there face on nights out. but have also picked up a lot of students who treat a night out as a night out and dont get plastered , my big worrie tho is this since casinos have relaxed the dress code in glasgow i now pick up students at 6.00am drunk and have lost all there money and now that casinos have cash dispensers in there premeses i have came accross some sad cases, this has only happend in the last year here and i worrie now about there future.more so as my son is now a student

  hzhzhzhz 21:10 17 Nov 2006

actually says ""On a normal night I have a bottle of wine or vodka before leaving the house"

  Jak_1 21:16 17 Nov 2006

So it does, I need to clean my glasses! Even so, still a large amount of alcohol by anyone's standards! I would love to see what her gamma gt and ast blood results reveal, not good I imagine! I would hazard that she already has a fair amount of liver damage.

  lisa02 21:20 17 Nov 2006

Not a good out look for her future health taking her weight (from the picture) into consideration aswell.

How absurd that she boasts about falling through a mirror and off stage, claiming it's worth it for a good time/laugh.

  Jackcoms 21:32 17 Nov 2006

Presumably she's using her Student Loan to fund her "lifestyle".

I trust she's occasionally sober enough to remember that she's got to repay that loan when/if she eventually finds a job.

  Jak_1 21:36 17 Nov 2006

She looks a lot older than 22 also, a byproduct of heavy drinking!

  hzhzhzhz 22:17 17 Nov 2006

I hope that she carries on enjoying herself without doing herself any permanent damage and I hope that she gets her degree.

Good luck Lisa,I say.

  Forum Editor 22:43 17 Nov 2006

She'll need all the luck she can get if she's to survive into her 30's without serious health problems. Liver damage will occur, and she's also significantly increasing her chances of getting breast cancer. She already has an increased chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Over the past 25 years alcohol-related deaths among women have increased 16-fold.

Lisa is a fool.

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