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Where do Olympic divers train in UK

  canarieslover 09:24 22 Aug 2019

When I was a teenager, 65 years ago, the swimming pools in our area had diving boards, usually 3 foot spring and fixed, 6 foot fixed and 12 foot fixed. This was accompanied by a deep end to the pool to enable safe diving. Now every pool I go to seems to have converted to rise 'n fall floors and removed diving boards. One has retained a deep end that is accessible via a trapdoor in the floor so that sub-aqua training can be carried out. All the pools, and I have visited eight this year, have notices "No Diving" displayed around them. I imagine this is to prevent any possible litigation should someone be injured by another person diving onto them. So the question becomes " Where do the likes of Tom Daley gain their interest in diving?"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:36 22 Aug 2019

I was a junior champion diver 50 yrs ago as our "new" swimming pool had diving boards and I really got into the sport spending nearly every night at the pool after school.

They are long gone now and there is only one pool in the area that still has boards because it was built with a separate diving pool.

  canarieslover 19:29 22 Aug 2019

Fruit Bat /\0/\ text At least you have found one. I'm not too bothered as my grandson is too young to start using diving boards, though he gets frustrated that he is not allowed to dive off the side of the pool. He got threatened with 'eviction' one day so we now compromise where he either stands part way down the steps or sits on side and does a forward roll.

  Menzie 19:36 22 Aug 2019

They will have to go to a waterpark now to do any diving. The public pools near me all lack diving boards.

Our local theme park has an outdoor water park open in the summer. There is also another waterpark that has a diving section close by too.

Many schools here for the older children also contain pools with diving boards where they learn.

There is nature's way (a small cliff with no rocks beneath and the ocean). Some tourist spots in the caribbean offer Cliff diving with a lifeguard on duty. Rick's Cafe is one of the more famous ones. I've been there and it is quite a rush jumping off into the sea.

  Belatucadrus 22:22 22 Aug 2019

Maybe you need to try it Vanuatu style and dispense with the swimming pool altogether ?

Click Here

  Quickbeam 06:45 23 Aug 2019

Have a look here.

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