Where can I buy Dettol no touch Lotus refill

  Graham* 09:55 06 Dec 2016

Morrisons used to sell them, now they don't. Tesco, Asda, Wilko - none. It does't help when it has the same barcode as the Roses and Shea Butter refill.

I was told by Morrisons you had to order it, so I did. So they delivered Roses.

When I complained, they said we'll collect the Roses and deliver the Lotus. They delivered the Roses again. That's when the van driver discovered they had the same Barcode.

  Govan1x 10:04 06 Dec 2016

First one with Google but you have to order it.

Click here

  Southern born 10:53 06 Dec 2016


Your link does say the Lotus refill but describes the Rose and Shea Butter.

Dettol Customer Care

Lotus refill

  Govan1x 11:21 06 Dec 2016

Well spotted Southern born. Thanks for the update.

  Al94 17:11 06 Dec 2016

I find it relatively easy to prise the top off and fill it with another handwash product.

  Graham* 18:25 06 Dec 2016

I've had an email from Morrisons to inform me an order has been put through and should be in store by Friday. My local store will contact me when it arrives.

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