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Where are you going on 'Holiday'

  caccy 18:01 24 Mar 2020

We went on holiday to Madeira yesterday (second visit).

How did we escape the travel ban?

We put our pictures of our first visit there on a slide show and spent a very pleasant time reminiscening.

Tomorrow we're off to Luxemburg. Anybody care to join us?

  Aitchbee 20:39 24 Mar 2020

I'd like to think of this lockdown as a temporary prison sentence or solitary confinement during which time I hope to spend most of my 'stretch' sprucing up my cell ... Block Aitch.

  wee eddie 21:13 24 Mar 2020

I have, not yet, been reduced to dusting. But the writing is on the wall

  Brumas 22:00 24 Mar 2020

Looks like it will be 'windowsill bay' this year....

  Quickbeam 06:02 25 Mar 2020

Ourgate on Sea

  Pine Man 06:52 25 Mar 2020

'Cruising' the supermarket once a week.

  john bunyan 07:44 25 Mar 2020

The green green grass of home

May look at old photos of Sarawak, before logging and Palm Oil spoilt much of it

  Forum Editor 09:52 25 Mar 2020

Working at home.

Lots to do, but I will be taking longer breaks while the sun shines and enjoying the fact that I can go nowhere, have no meetings, and no London traffic to contend with for the foreseeable future. From my office window I can see the birds at our feeders, and the garden - nothing else except blue sky (at the moment), and a distinct lack of aircraft. Normally there is a considerable amount of traffic climbing out of or descending into Heathrow. We are quite a long way from the airport so the aircraft are reasonably high over us, but for the past few days I have only noticed a few.

The silence in the garden is golden, but I wish the circumstances were different. Things are going to take a far more serious turn quite soon, I fear.

  Aitchbee 22:44 28 Mar 2020

Working at home.

Apparently some stalwart BBC Radio4 presenters broadcast from 'underneath a duvet' using their smart phones.

Sarah Dunant [A Point of View] & Rev. Giles Fraser [Moral Maze] are two I've heard mention this bizarre behaviour.

  Condom 23:00 07 Apr 2020

I went on a pub crawl last night and this morning I really wished I hadn't. I had a glass of wine in the downstairs toilet,followed by another two in the kitchen and utility rooms. Moved upstairs with a new bottle and continued in the bedrooms. I'm so glad that I don't have a bigger house. Funny thing is I never met anyone I knew the whole evening.

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