Where are all the hotheads coming from.

  fuzzyone 20:09 12 Feb 2005

I don't know if it is just me, but over the last couple of months or so, i've noticed a great deal of arguments breaking out, in a growing number of posts.

Surely a forum such as this one, is here to enable people, who have little, or no knowledge of P.C. or consumer issues, to learn from the people who do possess this information.

I've been a member of this forum for well over three years now, and won't impart info I may have at times, because of the heated debates over bad language, or more recently, just plain abuse given to people, who are trying their best, to help.

Surely, it is not to much, to ask, for a little bit more civility, in each of the forums.

Would it be an idea, to have a code of practise, for the site, or am I just being too heavy.

One thing I do know for certain, is that, if I ever caught any of my children, conversing with people, in the same way, that some forum members have been doing, you can be rest assured that puni9shment would be swift.

Am I overreacting, or does anyone else agree, that a growing percentage of posts, are degenerating, into full blown arguements.?

  fuzzyone 20:10 12 Feb 2005

Oh no,

I'm going to get abuse now, over my spelling of punishment :)))

  stalion 20:13 12 Feb 2005

It is best not to respond to this type of post it only makes it worse.In the event a new member has got it wrong then advice to correct the situation is far better than retaliation and personal criticism

  fuzzyone 20:17 12 Feb 2005


I understand what you are saying, and I do not want to aggravate things any further, but myself, ( and a few other members i'm sure ) will not take part in a lot of these postings, because of the antics, of a few.

  stalion 20:17 12 Feb 2005

Also there is a code of practice for the site email the F.E. and he will send you one

  end 20:18 12 Feb 2005

"Would it be an idea, to have a code of practise, for the site,."

there is, and it is in the Forum Rules , which evidently some members perhaps have not read nor digested ::)))

  end 20:19 12 Feb 2005

sorry; snap:)

  stalion 20:20 12 Feb 2005

I agree with you but at the end of the day the F.E. will take the appropriate action as he always has to keep this forum on track and the vast majority of members happy.

  fuzzyone 20:24 12 Feb 2005

sorry all,

I didn't know there was a code of practise.

  end 20:27 12 Feb 2005

"didn't know there was a code of practise."

with respect, I believe you were made aware of it before you signed up , and I think you would have had to read it and agreee to its contents before you could complete your registration::((

  stalion 20:28 12 Feb 2005

No need to apologise I think this is the main problem,perhaps if everyone had to have and read a copy of the site rules before they joined it would help prevent these inflamatory posts.But there is also site policy at the bottom of this page which covers it.

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