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When Your Team Is Successful

  Menzie 19:36 07 Jun 2019

Is anybody here a sports fan? Over the past few years I've been following local sports teams. One of our local basketball teams has made it to the finals which has been great as a fan to watch.

The issue? Since they have made it, ticket prices have skyrocketed.

For the first finals game seat prices went from starting at $50 to starting at $800! This was for seats that are so far up, you wouldn't look out of place using binoculars. The most expensive seat sold was for $60,000.

Needless to say I've been watching from home on TV. There are viewing parties around the country, I live in a downtown area so one is in walking distance where they have performances and the game is displayed on a gigantic screen outside. I've become someone who doesn't like being in crowds over the years so haven't attended but even these now have line-ups to get in, with people queuing from as early as 16 hours before game time to get a good spot.

Has your favourite sports team ever put the price of tickets way up?

  hastelloy 10:23 09 Jun 2019

If people stopped paying these stupid prices the companies would have to reduce them.

  wee eddie 11:39 09 Jun 2019

Somebody spent a lot of time trying to work out how to maximise their income from this match.

Your team needs the money and they know that many will be willing to pay more to attend. The question is "How much more"?

For you, they pitched it too high but, if they sold all the seats, maybe they could have gone for higher prices. For them a delicate balance

  Menzie 06:17 14 Jun 2019

The local team has won the championship. The country is going crazy, it is currently 1:15am and the cars are still honking outside and I can hear people cheering at the top of their lungs.

There has also been random fireworks going off. Looking at the news people are hopping on vehicles and damaging property. Thank goodness mine is in the garage.

The honking of horns has been going on for over an hour.

  john bunyan 14:28 14 Jun 2019

I might watch the world or 6 Nations rugby finals , or the soccer World Cup final. It amazes me that people spend huge sums on TV or in following teams around watching other people playing sport. It may be a replacement for religious meetings, or some herd instinct, but I just don’t get it. I realise this is a minority view, but many years ago I preferred to play sport at a modest level than to pay to watch others.

  BT 18:22 14 Jun 2019

It amazes me how people can afford to go to these matches etc. I saw on TV yesterday that the local football team is capping ticket prices at home games at £30 which presumably means that prices exceed this at other matches and other teams grounds. I've never been to a football match in my life (except a charity game) and it beats me how people who are always pleading 'poverty' can even justify spending this sort of money on a regular basis.

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