When and when not to use firewalls?????

  trotto 10:56 11 Apr 2005

Is it a good idea to install McAfee firewall plus
I am not on Broadband and I wonder how good an idea it is to install, for instance, the freebie with this month's mag of the McAfee firewall plus? I have internet banking and am getting more alarmed by the stories one reads. My son, who knows more about these things, says that if I install the McAfee it will slow down my computer too much and that the basic anti-virus system that I have already got should suffice. Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks.

  PsiFox 12:13 11 Apr 2005

In this day and age a firewall is a necessity for internet enabled machines. XP can be infected within 1 minute of connecting to the net.

With regard to the slowdown this should not be a problem (depeding on the age of the machine) but you can always add some more ram.

Basic AV program will not be sufficient.

  tenplus1 13:12 11 Apr 2005

So long as you have a good Antivirus, Spyware and Firewall, you're online banking will be pretty safe...

personally I use Avast! Antivirus, Spybot Search & Destroy and Microsoft's own Firewall built into XP...

Just to be double sure, it's a good idea not to type your bank details in using the keyboard, but instead use the on-screen keyboard in Programs->Accessories->Accessibility to dupe any keylogging software...

  Indigo 1 14:03 11 Apr 2005

That's a good tip tenplus1 I like it !

  Kate B 16:46 11 Apr 2005

You shouldn't even think about connecting to the internet without protection - here's a link to a piece that was on the BBC's Click Online over the weekend. Although we've seen this kind of statistic before, it's still sobering to see what actually happens when you put an unprotected machine online:

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:59 11 Apr 2005

Don't rely on the XP firewall, it is not up to the job. Try Norton, McAfee or one of the many good free programs such as Zone Alarm.

  spuds 17:50 11 Apr 2005

Depending on what specification computer that you have, and how much ram is installed, plus how many programmes are you running, could make your computer slower, a basic firewall like ZoneAlarm should not make all that difference.Norton can be a little thirsty on resources, not sure about McAfee.Personally I use ZoneAlarm, the free version, and it works just fine.Should mention that Microsoft XP firewall is a one way system, so I would not recommend using that.

  mbp 18:12 11 Apr 2005

trotto, you must have an adequate antivirus and firewall to protect yourself at all times. There is a real threat to Internet Banking in the form of phishing. The best browser, at present, that I found having better features for anti phishing has been the Deepnet Explorer Browser. It is a Freeware. I feel very safe using it for banking. To give you an idea how serious I take security, I am providing you a list that I use. All freeware. All installed on my computer.
(1) Avast AV Freeware.
(2) Zone Alarm FW Freeware.
(3) Adaware se freeware.
(4) Spybot S&D freeware.
(5) A Squared freeware.
(6) Win Patrol freeware.
(7) ie-spyad.exe
(8) Swat It freeware.
(9) Spyware Blaster freeware.
(10)Pop-Up Stopper, freeware.
(11)Panicware, freeware.
(12)Spyguard, freeware.
(13)Hijack This, freeware.

  Charence 22:38 11 Apr 2005

Always use firewall! NEVER EVER TURN IT OFF especially when banking.

  Charence 22:42 11 Apr 2005

I have not really experienced a decrease in performance from my PC by having a firewall installed. Even if it does slow things down by a few seconds, would you rather that happen than somebody getting all your bank details, etc?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:10 12 Apr 2005

click here for some less frantic advice and a shovelful of perspective....towards the end of the thread.


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