This is when a virus becomes serious

  Valvegrid 17:55 26 Aug 2004

Never mind about your home PC, consider what would happen here

  Valvegrid 20:17 03 Sep 2004

I've just had a demonstration of a piece of medical equipment today that uses Windows CE, which is capable of being plugged into the hospital network and the Internet.

Considering the first virus has appeared click here the question needs to be asked is this a good idea?

Unfortunately the rep was not that familiar with the system to tell me what precautions had been taken against attacks.

Admittedly the equipment it was being used was diagnostic rather than life support, but its only a matter of time before Windows CE is used on such equipment.

  gudgulf 21:04 03 Sep 2004

I work in a hospital that has had problems with the sasser worm.Precisely because the equipment involved cannot be patched except by the manufacturer.
I wonder if this is being taken seriously enough by both manufacturer and IT departments.After all sasser was not very destructive and only caused a bit of downtime.I dread to think what the consequences of a virus that can disrupt or destroy data would be especially as we seem to be moving towards a completely computerised work environment.

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