When it's so close to home.

  rdave13 17:16 11 Apr 2010

You read such stories in the papers and usually they're far from home and although you think and feel for the parents involved, it doesn't have the same affect as if it happens on your own doorstep.
Learnt today that a young woman was found murdered not very far away. I know both parents well and the shock has hit me rather hard.
What a nasty world we live in.

  Forum Editor 17:37 11 Apr 2010

when it happens in your own territory, and to a family you know I imagine the shock is considerable.

The world can indeed be nasty at times, and it seems that young women are particularly vulnerable. You'll remember this for ever, and think of it each time there's another, similar murder.

  Pineman100 18:51 11 Apr 2010

I wonder whether at least part of our insensitivity problem is that we experience violence and death many times a day, in fictional TV programmes.

The border between fictional murder and real murder, reported in the media, becomes blurred, so we become largely inured to such events.

Until, that is, it happens on our own doorstep. Suddenly, the tragedy is all too real, and happens to a real person. I'm sure this has been a considerable shock for you, and you have my sympathy.

But try not to let it colour your view of our society in general. No matter how personally you may feel this tragedy, murder is still a very, very rare thing - particularly in the UK.

  rdave13 19:14 11 Apr 2010

I realise that this is not an easy thread to reply to so I thank you both for your posts. I'll now click as resolved even though ,for her parents, it will never be. Thank you.

  interzone55 20:44 11 Apr 2010

There was a young pregnant girl killed across the road from my sister's house a couple of years ago.

Initially it was made out to be a "honour" killing, but it was actually a jealous ex-girlfriend of her fiance that did it.

I think of this poor girl every time I drive past the house.

About 15 years ago there was a woman killed in the toilets of the town bus station. This case is still unsolved.
During the initial investigation the police arrested a local homeless guy. A really nice guy who never did anyone any harm. He used to sleep in the shopping centre cardboard skip.
When he was arrested they took all his clothes for forensic testing, then disposed of them because they were riddled with lice.
He left the police station in paper-overalls in the middle of December. He was dead within a week.
Two more places that I can't walk past without sad memories - Bury Interchange ladies toilets and the cardboard skip at the back of the shopping centre loading bays...

  Cymro. 12:59 12 Apr 2010

I suspect that this is the incident that you refer to. I just hope that it is the only one in the UK over the last weekend. I also live within a mile of where this happened. As this is a small rural town it has all been an even bigger shock to the local community.
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  Legolas 13:35 12 Apr 2010

I remember a good few years ago my brother was mugged outside an underground train station in Glasgow and although he offered up all he had in his pockets (a tenner and some loose change)they still gave him a few punches. Even remembering this small incident now still fills me with real anger.

I know this is in no way as serious as the incident you mention but I use it to illustrate if this small incident concerning my brother angers me after all these years how do people get over the anger they must feel when something so serious and devastating enters there life.

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