When I posted my Christmas thread I thanked you

  Forum Editor 12:04 19 Dec 2015

for your support over the past year. I didn't mention anyone by name because there are so many of you, but on reflection, I think you will all understand if I do give a special mention to one of you.

Brumas has been posting his Friday night 'Longshot and talking point' threads for a long time now. I can't recall how long, but we have now reached 1484 so it must be a very long time. It has become an institution, and I have sometimes wondered when the stock of old postcards will run out.

Be that as it may, I felt it was high time I expressed our collective thanks to you, Brumas, for bringing so much pleasure to those who look forward to Friday evenings. I'm useless at guessing locations, although I do take a look each week in the hope that I will get an inkling. It happened once, too long ago to remember, but some of you have remarkable success.

Long may you continue, Brumas, and thanks again for what you do. It's one of the things that make our forum unique. Best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New year from all of us at PCA.

  iambeavis 12:09 19 Dec 2015

I'll second that - Merry Christmas Brumas.

  Blackhat 12:31 19 Dec 2015

I have followed this from the very start and of the 1484 so far I have only got there first on one occasion. Long may it continue and a very merry Christmas to you all.

  Brumas 13:06 19 Dec 2015

Forum Editor, I'm lost for words and humbled by your post, thank you. I'll continue to post on Friday nights because I enjoy it, I enjoy fielding the replies and all the banter/anecdotes that often go off on a tangent.

Of course, this would not be possible without my wonderful wife, Fran, and her humongus collection of postcards, so I say thank you to her as well. She also looks forward to Friday nights as she has a couple of hours peace and quiet in the lounge ;o))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:25 19 Dec 2015

Thanks Brumas for putting up with our wild guesses and giving the clues we sometimes need to home in on the target.

Long my it continue.

Happy Christmas

  onthelimit1 13:46 19 Dec 2015

I'm hopeless at it and would appreciate some steers as to how the more successful of you go about locating these places!

  Macscouse 14:22 19 Dec 2015

I think Brumas posted the first postcard around Easter 2007. I still browse the forum every Friday evening in the hope that I will recognise some landmark. Thanks Brumas, and especially Fran, for many pleasant Friday evenings. Have a pleasant Yuletide.

  wee eddie 14:32 19 Dec 2015

I would also like to thank Brumas. I regularly look to see if I can recognise the spot. The only time I recognised it, about half a dozen people had beaten me to it!

  Brumas 15:48 19 Dec 2015

To paraphrase Tiny Tim, Merry Christmas and Thanks to each and every one of you.

  bumpkin 23:33 19 Dec 2015

although Kronos is still moaning on another forum..

I take it you mean Chronos or MechKb. now Persona non grata here but he helped me and I know where to find him.

  Forum Editor 09:32 20 Dec 2015

Can we keep this thread on track please? It's about someone who is a credit to our forum.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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