when firefox 4 finel to be released?

  Jwbjnwolf 19:26 08 Dec 2010

I am waiting for th finel, complete version of firefox 4 to be released before going back to firefox, anyone know when they gonna release the finel version?
i think it is late december, am i right?

  mr simon 21:43 08 Dec 2010

Early 2011 is the word on the street.

Though if Mozilla push it back it certainly wouldn't be the first time.

  Jwbjnwolf 10:53 09 Dec 2010

I really hope it will be out soon.

  mr simon 11:05 09 Dec 2010

What is wrong with the current Firefox?

  tullie 11:17 09 Dec 2010

Nothing wrong with the current Firefox,as far as i am aware,dont know why people have to automaticaly change what theyve got thinking that its a new super dooper version.

  Quickbeam 11:28 09 Dec 2010

I hope the Windows 95 replacement also comes out in January...

  mr simon 12:46 09 Dec 2010

That was in essence my point. The current version of Firefox is great, I would only be twiddling my thumbs waiting for version 4 if the current version was bad.

Bear in mind too jwarn, that Firefox is completely free. They are well within their rights to never release another update.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:50 09 Dec 2010

I love the current one but uninstalled it for some unknown reason a little time back.
when firefox 4 is out, i then will be getting firefox again as i like to have the newest version unless it ain't that good.
And i quite like the new interface.
If i installed the current version, i would then be installing firefox 4 over that so thats why im gonna wait til they bring out the 4.
Yes, thinking of it, after the finel release of 4 is out, probly will be nowhere to get the current one so i will download it and keep the installation file on usb stick or something but, i will wait to see what 4 is like before installing.

  dagbladet 15:22 09 Dec 2010

Out of curiosity i dowloaded ff4 beta. It seems fine. Not sure if it's drastically better than 3.x.x but i'll play with it a bit longer.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:31 09 Dec 2010

I tryed the beta but like most beta programs it didn't seem very stable but that should be sussed in the full version.

  dagbladet 18:29 09 Dec 2010

doesn't seem to be any instability here. Should be good for netbooks. Less wasted space above and below the web page.

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