When did you first use the internet?

  PC Advisor 16:53 15 Mar 2010

The first dotcom web address was registered 25 years ago. When did you start using the internet?

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  Mr Mistoffelees 17:13 15 Mar 2010

I started in September 1999.

Met a woman online soon after.

This September we will been living together for nine years.

Buying a PC and getting online was the best thing I ever did!

  Quickbeam 17:15 15 Mar 2010

November '97, with great trepidation in case an alien or something jumped out at me:)

In truth I didn't know what to expect, it seemed to be something that one should do, and didn't really know what I was looking for or why... it just grew on me gradually as it's uses revealed themselves.

  interzone55 17:31 15 Mar 2010

I think it was around 1997, my wife had just been diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and needed to get more information as much of the stuff in the local library was well out of date.

We found out quite quickly that much of the info on t'internet was of somewhat dubious providence, but we did find a local support group, and the name of a world renowned expert at St Thomas's and we managed to get our doctor to refer us there for further checks and treatment.

It's interesting looking at how much harder it was to connect to the net in the old days...

In 1997 we had to do the following:
Buy a modem (Zoom I think, around £120)
Upgrade the OS on our PC from Windows 95 to Windows 95 OSR2.5 so we could get the modem to work
Phone ISP to set up account
Get floppy disks with set-up software and ISP's own browser & email client (Demon's Turnpike)
Actually dial up a local rate number to connect to net, hogging the phone line for the duration of the session...

  mobileman1953 17:33 15 Mar 2010

can not remember exact date would be about 15 years ago

  Diemmess 18:00 15 Mar 2010

Probably 1994 though it might have been earlier.
Had a brief and unusable flirt with Compuserve
which never did the business for me.
At least I never found a search engine and didn't like having to pay while searching out Bulletin Board numbers to try.

Used a magazine early version AOL disk and existing modem.
Amazing the number of people who decided to telephone me in the short time I was online!

  Bingalau 18:01 15 Mar 2010

I bought my computer in 1999 about October I think as an early Christmas pressie for myself. I still don't know how to use the damn thing properly. But I've passed many an hour away e-mailing and messing about with photo-shop. Also of course trying to improve Brumas's puzzle photo's so that I can get one right. No chance of that!!! But it's been good fun. I've now just bought myself a net-book for another pressie for myself and my 80th birthday but am beginning to wish I hadn't bothered. Trying to transfer guff from this old one to the new net-book wirelessly is proving difficult. Then again I haven't yet tried our helproom. But will do if I get nowhere....

  wiz-king 18:19 15 Mar 2010

Was using JANET in late 80's and internet proper not long after.

  Colin 18:23 15 Mar 2010

July '97 with a Hayes 33.6K modem that cost £140. I ran up a £100 phone bill in the first month! How times have changed.

  g0slp 18:26 15 Mar 2010

1997 - as alan14 posted, it was a 'bit of a do' setting it all up. Compuserve, anyone? What a change in 13 years, for sure.

Windows 95, dial-up access etc?

  john bunyan 18:39 15 Mar 2010

about 1989.Also had a company intranet, and a series of Lotus Notes conferences.

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