When cleaning a Staircase, where do you start?

  wee eddie 14:16 24 Jul 2018

When cleaning a Stairwell/case, where do you start?

From the bottom and work upward or from the top and work downward.

Of course, when dusting or brushing, one would start at the top and work down but, which way would one hoover the carpet?

  Pine Man 15:47 24 Jul 2018

Stand at the bottom of the staircase then walk up to the top before reversing and cleaning as you go down to the bottom. My wife then hands me the vacuum cleaner and I put it away for her.

  Quickbeam 15:56 24 Jul 2018

I'll ask the housekeeper...

  Old Deuteronomy 16:25 24 Jul 2018

Well I never did! My housekeeper tells me we don't have stairs because we live in a bungalow.

  martd7 18:32 24 Jul 2018

I stand at the bottom,make my way up three quarters of steps with the flexi hose, one step at a time,it doesnt reach any further then do the last quarter from the top so theres no risk of me pulling the vacuum cleaner down the stairs onto me!

That's a Hoover upright,i borrowed a Shark duo off my ex,so easy I will be purchasing one,long flex and it disassembles into a small type car vac making the stairs easy to vac up,bit of a price £199

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 24 Jul 2018

Where's the nearest socket to plug the vac in?

  Forum Editor 19:13 24 Jul 2018

If someone had asked me to name a topic on which I never, ever thought I would see a forum thread....

  Quickbeam 19:16 24 Jul 2018

Tinned toms...

  Al94 20:05 24 Jul 2018

Should be a prize for the whackiest thread!

  bumpkin 21:09 24 Jul 2018

It depends what you are cleaning it with, if a vac it dose not really matter. If a wet carpet cleaning fluid or a pressure steamer I would start at the top to give it time to dry unless of course you spend most of your time upstairs.

  Aitchbee 21:37 24 Jul 2018

... also depends on the amount of traffic the staircase gets.

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