When is the 4th series of Suits being shown

  ponytail 17:13 16 Sep 2015

My wife has been watching suits on Netflix and has just seen the end of series 3.I know they have done a 4th and a 5th series but do not know if they are on Netflix or can she watch them on freeview I thiink they are shown on Dave but maybe wrong.Also what is the next series of the walking dead which will be appearing on UK Tv

  bremner 18:33 16 Sep 2015
  ponytail 23:06 16 Sep 2015

Hi bremner I clicked on your link but could not see anything related to either Suits or The Walking Dead

  lotvic 23:51 16 Sep 2015

bremner, ;)

  spuds 00:38 17 Sep 2015

I notice on eBay, an awful lot of dvd's that are available for various chapters and series of Suits and The Walking Dead.

Perhaps catch-up there, if any particular programme was missed!.

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